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Interested individuals are encouraged to participate in two free classes to see if our programs are of interest. New students purchase a punch card for $80.00 which allows them to determine if we wish to start. Uniforms can be purchased at anytime for $40.00 each.

October 2nd, 2023

Special thanks to my assistance's (Ms Amy, Ms Roberta & Ms Jaime) for making this 2hr session such a success....


A great success, getting 10 new Coloradans & 1 Nevadan certified with the World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association (3 refreshed members). Our gratitude to GM Sirota and his wife to visiting with us while sharing his knowledge of training those in the Adaptive world.

Special thanks to our volunteer team (Lead by Ms Jaime)



to Team DuMyon for demonstration their skills to those attending the Potluck concluding the 2 day Instructors Training session.

Special thanks to Demo Team Lead (Kyosanim Migneault)

12/?/2023 - CUT Sport Poomsae (Forms) Training (12-2PM) at:

APEX Taekwondo Academy and via Zoom

12/?/2023 - CUT Sport Sparring (2:30-4:30PM) at:

APEX Taekwondo Academy

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