If we don't teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.

Because GOD IS PERSONAL, I can get to know Him better every day.

Teaching children that God is a Personal Spirit and how to have a relationship with Him gives them the ultimate gift: an eternal relationship with the All-Powerful, Perfectly Loving and Faithful God.

Did you know no other religion is founded on relationship? God is not an impersonal force or a statue, but rather a Personal Spirit kids can get to know better every day.

Without relationship, religion is only about behavior and legalism. Teaching children to have a personal relationship with God gives them eternal hope.
adapted from Discover God 4 Kids
I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. (John 14:10)

Preparation: In preparation for Day Five, take your child outside and have him break off a branch or stem from a plant. Find a place inside where it can be kept dry. Do not put the branch or stem in water.


Today, we are going to begin an exciting adventure! We are going to begin to discover who God really is and why it matters to us. Let's start with a parable about Freddy, the microscopic mite.

Freddy, the Microscopic Mite
Once upon a time, there was a microscopic mite named Freddy. He was sooo tiny that no one could even see him without a microscope. Freddy lived on a little flea, who lived on a little dog, who lived on a little farm just outside the gates of a great city. Beyond the great gates was a great palace, and in the great palace lived a great king.

Freddy had heard about the great king and wanted desperately to know him. But for a microscopic mite, his dream was beyond impossible. He had tried to make the journey to the city on his own, but he could never manage to get off the dog, let alone travel the millions of microscopic mite-miles between the farm and the gates. The dog was content to stay on the farm, and no amount of begging could convince the dog to take Freddy to the city. So, whenever he had the chance, Freddy would gaze at the great city and wonder what the great king was like. He lost all hope of ever finding out for himself.

One day, however, the king did something that Freddy had never dreamed of. The king went looking for Freddy. First, the king found the little farm, then he found the little dog, then he found the little flea, and finally, he found Freddy! With amazing lovingkindness,
the great king bent down low and began telling Freddy, in microscopic mite language of course, about himself. Now, there's no way that Freddy, being a microscopic mite, could understand everything about such a great and mighty king. But that didn't matter to Freddy, nor did it matter to the king. What mattered most was their friendship and that it was growing every day.

Freddy still lives on the flea, who lives on the dog, who lives on the farm just outside the great city. But he and the king are friends now, and they talk every day. The king watches over Freddy and makes sure he's okay. The more that Freddy learns about his great and mighty king, the more he wants to know about him. Freddy says that knowing the king is better than absolutely anything!

  1. If God is like the king in the story, then who are we like?(The Mite)
  2. What do we learn about God from the story, or from the Memory Verse? (He knows me and cares about me)

If God was an impersonal force like in Star Wars, or a statue like an idol, we could never get to know Him or have a relationship with Him. Because He is a Personal Spirit, we can have a relationship with Him and get to know Him!!! In the Bible, in the verse John 3:16, God tells us for sure that He loves us and He wants us to be able to get to know Him forever!
A Sample Prayer to Conclude Your Time
Dear God, I want to know You as You really are, the Creator God of the universe, our Heavenly Father, who holds everything in Your hand. You know my past, present, and future. Help me to love, trust, and obey You with all my heart, soul, mind, and will. Thank You for giving me an opportunity to know You intimately as my heavenly Father and to tell others about You and Your marvelous love. Amen.
Kent Kendall