If we don't teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.

Because GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING, I will come to Him with my questions.

Preparation: Has anyone ever asked for your advice? (NOTE: If the children don't have an example, share one from your experience.)

What advice did you give that person? Where did you get that advice?

Read the Bible Memory Verse below.

For if our heart condemn us, God is greater than our heart,
and knoweth all things. (1 John 3:20)
Why do you think it's good that God knows everything? ( God is never surprised. He won't ever give wrong advice because He knows the right answers already.)

Why do we sometimes wish that God didn't know everything? ( He wouldn't know the bad stuff I do.)

Read Isaiah 40:13-14.
  • Does anyone need to teach God what's right and wrong? (No.)
  • Why? (He already knows it.)
  • Could you ever ask God a question that He did not know the answer to? (No)

Read Matthew 6:8.
  • What does God know? (God knows what you need, He knows where to find your answer, and He knows your question before you even ask.)

God doesn't need to ask anyone what is right or wrong, good or bad. No one needs to teach God anything. If He did need to be taught something He didn't know, someone tricky or smarter could mislead Him.
  • If God did not know everything, how would that affect His Holiness? (He wouldn't be perfect because He wouldn't know everything He needs to know to make perfect decisions.)
  • If God did not know everything, could you trust Him to be Totally Just? (No. He might make the wrong judgment because He didn't have all the information.)

Listen to the following story, and talk about what you would do if you caught someone "stealing."
Tommy and the Shiny Red Bike
Will's red bike practically glowed in the afternoon sun. Tommy loved the silver fenders and black leather seat. He was sure there was no bike as beautiful in all the world. Will knew his friend liked the bike and had even let him ride it a few times.

When Will left for summer camp on Saturday, his dad put the red bike in the garage. On Monday morning, his dad was in such a hurry to get to work that he left the garage door open. When he came home, the bike was gone.

Will's parent's searched for the bike all day with no luck. Just as they were ready to give up the search, they saw Tommy riding the red bike at the end of the street. Will's dad ran after Tommy and demanded that he get off the bike immediately.

"I can't believe you would steal Will's bike, Tommy!" he told the stunned boy. "I should call the police, but I'm going to talk with your parents first. Stealing is a serious crime!"

What do you think happened? Did Tommy steal the bike? If you were Will's dad what would you have done?

There's a little more to the story above. Let's see if a little more information makes a difference in how you think about Tommy.

What Will's dad didn't know was that Will had told Tommy to get the bike whenever he wanted while he was away. Tommy was simply taking him up on his offer, but Will's dad didn't know that.

Tommy was unjustly accused because Will's dad didn't have all the facts. This will NEVER happen with God! God knows all things.

Because God knows everything, He will never accuse us unjustly, He is never fooled or misled by a lie, and there will never be any "new" information to come along that will disprove what He says or does. Because God knows everything, He is the only one who can answer ALL your questions!

Thank God that because He knows everything, you don't have to worry about someone misleading Him or causing Him to believe something that isn't true. Have some fun with the "Scavenger Hunt" below and apply this lesson this week.

Make a list of some questions that you would like to ask God.
(NOTE: If you do not know where in the Bible to turn to answer the questions, please let us know. We would be glad to help you find some answers.)

Ask your child to gather up these items and bring them to you, or have your child take a picture of each item throughout your home.
  1. A clock
  2. A handful of dirt
  3. Pictures of family members
  4. A dollar bill
  5. A toy car or toy airplane
  6. Something that is locked (diary, safe, box, etc)
  7. A phone
  8. A band-aid or medicine
  9. A pair of reading glasses or binoculars
  10. A map

After they have collected all the items, use each one to describe a different aspect of God's knowledge. Each of the items represents the idea that God knows everything. Ask a family member to select an item and guess how they think it describes something that God knows. ( Do not let them see the statements below describing what they represent.)

#1. A clock - God knows when everything will take place in our lives.
#2. A handful of dirt - God knows everything about our world; He especially knows everything about our bodies, since He made us originally from the ground.
#3. Pictures of family members - God knows everything about each one of us because He created and loves us.
#4. A dollar bill - God knows and understands our material needs and wants.
#5. A toy car or toy airplane - God knows the next step in our travel of life, where we will go and how we will get there.
#6. Something that is locked - God knows our innermost secrets even when we think we can hide them from Him.
#7. A phone - God knows what we are going to ask before we say it.
#8. A band-aid or medicine - God knows how to comfort you or bring you healing.
#9. A pair of reading glasses or binoculars - God knows everything we do.
#10. A map - God knows His plans for you.

APPLICATION: How should this change the way we live on a daily basis? Which object is the best reminder to you that God knows everything? Place this item somewhere in your home where you will see it on a daily basis this week. Whenever you pass by it, take a moment to thank God that He knows everything including what is uncertain to you.

adapted from Discover God 4 Kids
A Sample Prayer to Conclude Your Time
Dear God,
No one can comprehend what You know. Your knowledge surprises the brightest created mind there is. Thank you for preserving in Your Word the knowledge of Who You are. We praise You for your complete understanding of things past, present and future. You even examine our hearts to know all that we think, say and do. Thank You that through Your grace we can be forgiven of all the sinful things You know about us. We praise You for being the Only One we can trust with our future. You see what is ahead and your love and mercy guides us to wisdom that helps us. We have great peace and hope about the future because of You. Remind us to share Your hope with others.
In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.