If we don't teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.
GOD IS HOLY (Day 11)

Because GOD IS HOLY, He is perfect in every way.

Preparation:Holiness seems too heady for children to understand, but it's not. Simply put, God's Holiness means that He's Perfect and Clean in every way. Kids can trust that God is Perfectly Loving, Perfectly Truthful and Perfectly Faithful. Exploring Holiness cultivates an unshakable trust and transparency with a God who is Perfectly Dependable. Teaching your children that God is Holy -- that He's Perfect and Clean, will give them a stable foundation for an unshakable faith.

Read the Bible Memory Verse below.

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.. (Revelation 4:8)
God is Holy. He is perfect in every way, totally pure with no evil in Him. No other religion worships a Holy God.

There isn't anyone who is like God because no one is perfect! The fact that God is Holy (perfect, clean, and without evil) ensures that every attribute of God is Perfect, Clean, and without evil. Let's imagine how different God would be if He were not Holy. What difference would that make?

For example, look at the following attributes:
  1. God is All-Powerful - If God is not Holy, perfect and clean, then God would not be perfectly strong. Someone might come along who's more perfect and therefore stronger. If God is not Totally Clean, then He might decide to use His strength for evil rather than good.
  2. God is Love - If God is not Holy, perfect and clean, then God's love can't be perfect either. You won't be able to count on His love for you at all times. He may only choose to love you when you are loving towards Him.
  3. God is Just - If God is not Holy, perfect and clean, then God would not be perfectly just. God might decide that some people's sins are OK, and do not need to be punished. He would be practicing justice using a different standard for every person. Or worse, although you have met His biblical requirement for forgiveness through Jesus, He may choose not to forgive you.
  4. God is Righteous - If God is not Holy, perfect and clean, then God would not be perfectly righteous. If God is not Totally Righteous and Pure, then Jesus' sacrifice on the cross would be useless to us and we would all be hopeless.

You see, if God is not Perfect, Clean, and Holy, then God is nothing more than a storybook god--fake and powerless. He is no better than any other god that is worshiped, and He would be no better than any god you could create or imagine. Aren't you glad His love and power are perfect and clean!

Review your Bible Memory Verse. This is the response from angels that surround God's Throne. Every day, all day long they praise God.
  • What character traits of God do they praise Him for? (Holy, Sovereign [Lord], All-Powerful, Eternal)
  • What is the only character trait that is repeated? (Holy)
  • How many times? (3 times)

This repetition, “holy, holy, holy,” tells us that God’s holiness is the supreme attribute of His being, the foundation of His eternal existence. His sovereignty and His role as judge are rooted in and flow out of His holiness.

  1. Every Bible character that experienced God's Holiness responded in humble worship of God. For example, Moses fell on his face before God in Isaiah 6. How can you humbly worship God in prayers? (bow your head, on your knees, etc.)
  2. What the angels are doing in Revelation 4:8 is praising God for Who He is. How can you praise God in your prayers? (how many character traits of God can you name?) For help with this, check out Devotion Day 5.
  3. God's Holiness leaves us with the impression of how worthy He is of our worship and how worthless we are - this requires us to confess our sins. How much time do you spend in prayer confessing your sins to God?
  4. To meditate on God's holiness brings a sense of awe from us. Music can help us express our awe of God. Many of our hymns capture this spirit of worship. Worship God as the Lamb that sacrificed Himself for us by reading the lyrics to "The Old Rugged Cross." It is attached below.
adapted from Discover God 4 Kids
A Sample Prayer to Conclude Your Time
Dear God, You are to be praised forever and ever. Yours is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Everything in the heavens and on the Earth is yours. With You in control, we have nothing to fear. Help us to trust You with every detail of our lives. We adore You and thank You for being a great God, filling our lives with Your purpose. Amen.