Family January update:

01/21/2023 - CUT Sport Poomsae (Forms) Training (12-2PM) at:

APEX Taekwondo Academy and via Zoom

01/21/2023 - CUT Sport Sparring (2:30-4:30PM) at:

APEX Taekwondo Academy

January's Training Scheduled is also posted at DuMyon Martial Arts website:

January 2nd Classes CNX

BurnOuts: workouts designed for not only a filler workout that had been missed but a chance for students to get additional help in technique or physical.

January CHS / DuMyon will have short Survey's for Students and Parents / Providers. These will be critical for us to update our programs analytical data. Your answers are very important to us.

Tuition $ increase

Price Changes:

CHS / DuMyon has not gone through a price change in a couple of years. Starting in January all punch cards will go up to $75.00 per card (Ladies Self-Defense & Taekwondo)

Monthly Charges: Only the private lessons to date (individual & family rates have not been decided as yet).


are done quarterly

(not all students are eligible)

Written testing during class time, the week of March 20th

Belt testing is scheduled for the week of March 27th

(students eligible to belt test must have received "Notice of Intent to Promote" form)

"Positive energy to you & yours on this wonderful day of thanks"

DuMyon Martial Arts President
GM Sterling Chase,Sr.
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