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October 26, 2021
Family Engagement Dream Team
Cambria Russell
Cambria Russell Project Director, MASFEC
Who is on your Family Engagment Dream Team?

At MASFEC, our Dream Team includes our partners, our Advisory Council, many cultural brokers, and our FCSN staff. We are educators, caregivers, health care professionals, and community leaders.

Among our FCSN staff, we have exciting developments. Andrea Parker, our Senior Training Specialist, has been promoted to lead the Federations' RTSC project, and Danielle Hardin has been promoted to Project Manager of MASFEC! Congratulations to both Andrea and Dannie!

We are currently looking for a new Senior Training Specialist. Are you interested in joining our Dream Team?

Check out the job details here.
Deadline: Wednesday 10/27
Help improve information about Career, Vocational and Technical Education!
Career, vocational and technical education provides a great entry-point for college and high-paying careers. Yet, not all students and families are aware of these benefits.

Supported by funding from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, FCSN is coordinating a statewide effort to develop parent-friendly, language-accessible information about vocational, career and technical education programs in Massachusetts. Our goal is to ensure that all families have equal access to information about their options for high school.

You can help!

Caregiver-Educator Conferences
Being invited to a parent / caregiver-teacher conference doesn’t mean your child is in trouble! These conferences are meetings between you and your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress in school.

Fostering Study Skills in Middle School
For many young people, middle school marks a sea change in academic expectations. Students receive more homework than ever and are expected to organize their time to get everything done. While middle schoolers’ brains are developing faster than ever, they are still far behind on executive functioning or the set of skills necessary to manage complex tasks. This means that they will most likely need your help managing their lives.

Check out our posts on navigating the Middle School Years:
Take Your Family Engagement Program to the Next Level
MASFEC and the Federation stand ready to assist organizations and districts that are ready to go deeper in the direction of equity-driven partnership.

Check out our statements on new resources and opportunities available through these new policy initiatives:

Then, reach out! We'd love to work with you.
ICYMI: MASFEC/FCSN Videos Explain Special Education Concepts
The special education system can be confusing - yet many legal terms are very important for parents, caregivers and guardians to understand. New videos from MASFEC and the Federation for Children with Special Needs unpack these key concepts. Check them out:

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