Family April update:

March 8th 2023 DuMyon hosted our 2023 Transitional Self-Defense six week class graduation with Colorado Springs school districts: 2, 8, 11, 12, 20 and 38. All participants received certificate of completion and T-Shirts. Big thank you to the volunteers whom helped with handing out the T-Shirts :)

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DuMyon & PPITT

For the past 4 years DuMyon has been contracted by the School Districts to conduct a six week Self-Defense Course. This year we have trained students of: D-2 / D-8 / D-11 / D-12 / D-20 / D-49 & D-38 totaling 60 students along with 26 teachers. All programs had their graduations 1 March (D-49 April 7th) with t-shirts and certificates of completion.

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? 03/18/2023 - CUT Sport Poomsae (Forms) Training (12-2PM) at:

APEX Taekwondo Academy and via Zoom

? 03/18/2023 - CUT Sport Sparring (2:30-4:30PM) at:

APEX Taekwondo Academy

Will post once confirmed

April's Training Scheduled is also posted at DuMyon Martial Arts website:

* April 14th CNX due to I will be attending a Conference ? will update if a Instructor is available *

BurnOuts: workouts designed for not only a filler workout that had been missed but a chance for students to get additional help in technique or physical.

If you still wish to help us with our data, please go to the link below and fill out the appropriate survey and forward to

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We are looking for sponsors & donations to outfit our team competing at the 12 Annual US Open Hanmadang. This will include uniforms & warmups for each member.

We have T-shirts for purchase for $25.00 (short sleeve) or $30.00 (long sleeve) donation

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