Join us and follow the words of St. Guido M. Conforti to "Make of the World One Family!" 
APOSTOLIC JOURNEY of His Holiness Pope Francis to Ireland on the occasion of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin

Check out the itinerary  here and the details here See the official Vatican documents here and learn more about The World Meeting of Families here.

Today, these readings are calling us first, to build human family that goes beyond the blood related family, the tribe, nation and race or economy. The word of God becomes the binding thread of the new Christian family. Read more of Fr. Francois Noah SX's reflection.

[The] Xaverian community in Khlong Toei - Bangkok, can be well defined by the three words "inserted," "mixed," and "extended." [It] is the fruit of decisions taken in response to the challenges of missionary life today: a mission that is becoming more and more "relationship," "dialogue," "collaboration," "sharing," "closeness," and "simplicity." See more.
On Going Conversion: the Challenge of Intercultural Living

"...The  family  spirit is one of the distinctive mark of our Xaverian spirituality that needs to be cultivated and nourished at all time and at all cost. By virtue of profession, we belong to a religious  family , which is diverse from our natural  family . Blood relation no longer determines the  family  tie but rather by the missionary vocation, dream and spirit of the founder. Thus, we are called to build something in which all can live harmoniously, to which each lay equal claim, and for which everyone assumes responsibility...." Learn more from Fr. Rante Taruk Marselinus SX.

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