Volume I | February 2020
In the News
American Trails Magazine made a stop in Sierra Vista, Arizona last October. The Magazine's Jonas Larsson and Simon Urwin met up with "old-school cowboy poet" Steve Conroy in Ramsey Canyon. where they learned a little about the Western Way of Life and a lot about how it has been captured in poetry and song for decades. Larsson writes, "I find myself immersed in [Steve's] stories." And later, "I’ve never seen Clint Eastwood recite 600 verses by a campfire, but this feels like a truer image than all the hard-boiled, quick-shooting cowboys we were spoon-fed in the movies we saw in our youth." 
Enjoy Unique Events
On February 7-8, 2020, the 28th Annual Cochise Cowboy Poetry & Music Gathering in Sierra Vista showcased more than 60 artists from all over the U.S. and Canada in major stage performances and mini-concerts. A celebration of Western culture and folklore presented through the song and verse of real cowboys. This is just one of many events that occur annually in Cochise County.
Experience Vast Cuisine
There is fiery Mexican and hearty cowboy fare - which you'd expect from a County that borders Mexico and is home to the most well-known gun-fight in the Old West. In addition, Cochise County boasts new-age chefs with eclectic menus, mom & pop places with country-fried favorites, plus plenty of brand-name restaurants. Our culinary experiences - especially in Sierra Vista - span American, German, Japanese to Korean, Vietnamese and Polynesian, and more. Your taste buds won't get bored... so come hungry!
Engage in New Adventures
Ranger-led Coronado Cave tours leave from Coronado Cave trailhead, ¼ mile west of the visitor center, Saturdays at 10:00 am between February 22nd and May 2nd. This is a fun and educational experience into a large limestone cavern. Learn about cave formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and columns, and the secret history of the cave. This activity requires a moderately strenuous, one-mile round-trip hike to the cave entrance, and a steep, 40-foot rocky descent from the cave entrance to the cave floor.
The park will provide headlamps and gloves, but participants are encouraged to bring their own source of light, extra batteries, gloves, sun protection, and water. Sturdy shoes are required due to the uneven terrain. The tour lasts approximately two hours. Groups of ten or more should call the park to arrange a group tour.
Community Spotlight
Bisbee - a historic mining town turned artsy-culinary-antiquary as seen through the eyes of local character guide: Boyd Nicholl
Former curator turned Bisbee "knowtable", Boyd Nicholl has lived in the town for 41 years. A photographer by trade, Nicholl taught photography for 20+ years before working as a newspaper photographer and then taking on the photography curator position at the Bisbee History and Mining Museum. There he was responsible for their collection of over 25,000 photos. After roughly 13 years as Curator, he became a guide at Lavender Jeep Tours for another 13 years. Taking Bisbee visitors around town - sharing his immense knowledge of Bisbee and Cochise County.
Self proclaimed "silly", Nicholl likes to have a good time, which helps him be the entertaining guide that he is. "It's neat to be an expert on something as specific as Bisbee," he said. Presently, Nicholl is focused on abstract work in Bisbee. But he loves exploring the Huachuca Mountain canyons, washes around town, and visiting Douglas for photo opportunities. His advice to visitors? "Get out and walk. Particularly in Bisbee, with its staircases and winding streets. And in the County, explore the canyons. They are truly beautiful." Nicholl retired three years ago to return to photography - which he's been doing for over 60 years now. He is available for tours to provide insight about Bisbee.

Nicholl is just one of the many characters Cochise County's communities offers to make your tour more unique! Let Cochise County Tourism and Economic Council know if you are interested in booking a character guide with your tour.