Fall in District 16
Items in this E-news:
  • 2nd Saturday Constituent Coffee - Sept. 8th
  • SB 208 - March: Sobriety Awareness Month signed into law
  • September is National Recovery Month
  • Back-to-School visits in District 16
  • Remembering Sheila Howe
Constituent Coffee
Join me for Coffee on Saturday, Sept 8 th 10:00 am to 11:00 am at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, 2311 Pembroke St.

If you can, please bring canned food items to donate to Immanuel Presbyterian's Food Pantry to thank them for hosting us and help them feed the hungry.
SB 208 - March is Sobriety Awareness Month
SB 208 March as Sobriety Awareness Month is now law! SB 208, sponsored by Senator Berta Gardner, creates an opportunity to celebrate sobriety as a healthy lifestyle. Addiction costs the State of Alaska over $3 billion a year not to mention the toll it takes on families. I was proud to partner with Senator Gardner on this important issue and carry the House companion bill.
September is National Recovery Month!

Every September, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration) sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and to celebrate the people who recover. Below is a list of upcoming events happening all over Alaska. The image below will also take you to Recover Alaska, an Alaska group working to reduce the harm caused by excessive alcohol consumption in Alaska.
Back-to-School Visits!
One of the most important things that government does for citizens is provide high quality public education to every child. I take that commitment seriously and so will be visiting every school in the District in the month of September to learn more about how our educators and children are doing.

I will also donate a copy of "Grace for President" to each of our elementary school libraries.
School visit schedule:
  • College Gate Elementary - Sept. 10th
  • Nunaka Valley Elementary - Sept. 20th
  • Ptarmigan Elementary - Sept. 19th
  • Wonder Park Elementary - Sept. 17th
  • Clark Middle School - Sept. 18th (tentative)
  • Wendler Middle School - Sept. 26th
  • East High School - Sept. 13th
  • Bartlett High School - Sept. 14th
Remembering Sheila Howe
Sheila Howe was a force of nature. She served our community faithfully through the Russian Jack Community Council, St. Patrick's Parish, Boy Scouts, and much more. I was honored to present to her husband, Robert, and her family an In-Memoriam citation that recognized Sheila's contributions to Alaska. The ceremony was held at the Ft. Richardson Veteran's Cemetery where lifelong friends, family, and scout members gathered to remember her and sing one finally scouts song.
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