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Presidential Matters
Insurance Company vs. Agency 
Peter Elliott, TIG President & CEO
If asked the difference between an insurance company and insurance agency, most Americans would be left scratching their heads. But the distinction can be made in just a few words: authority, power, and control.

Insurance requires many different levels of companies to secure the necessary coverage, handle the service needs, and possibly most importantly, adjust and settle claims.

Insurance agencies are tasked with selling the policies for compensation. But it is very important that the insurance agent has no authority, power, or control over the claims portion of the protection. To put it plainly, an agency handles sales through various outlets (known as insurers) and their control is over who they ask for a quote. Some agents have exclusive agreements, while others have unique agreements or common agreements.
Beyond the quality of service offered, access to exclusive insurance programs (protected by agreement) is probably the biggest distinguishing factor between agencies.

How do Telcom Insurance Group and M&M Associates differ from all others?
We have two exclusive programs that cover every state and every type of insurance. Because we only allow local independent agents to work with us on an extremely limited basis, no one else matches our level of exclusive market control.

Now to define an insurance company. Note that some of the services that an agency offers actually come from the insurance company. Loss prevention is a great example, when an insurer offers things like risk management it is included in the premium paid and no other cost is born by the insured.

Another service is the handling of claims. This really is the most important feature of having coverage and policy. When your possessions are damaged, you want a fair settlement. When a third party is injured and making a claim against you, it is not only the financial impact but your reputation at stake. In unique or common agreements, the full authority for claims is at the insurer level. In contrast, when exclusive agreements exist, the agency or agent may have some input as well.

What sets the Rural Trust Insurance Company apart?
It is owned by 50 companies in the telecom industry. That means it has full control of all things involving insurance and all products developed for the telecom industry.

The Rural Trust Insurance Company is very transparent, led by corporate officers and owners you know and trust. While this may seem to be a modest difference, try having a problem with a publicly traded insurance company and see how deep you can get into that organization for help!

For claims, you will speak to someone from the insurance company at a very low level and for anything else, you will be directed to the agent – someone who has no real power over the insurer. With Rural Trust, on the other hand, even if the agent is involved (assuming it is Telcom Insurance Group or M&M), the common ownership means you are in direct contact with the ultimate authority and power of the insurer. The difference doesn’t seem so subtle now, does it?

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Safety Matters
Safety Cones’ Role in Preventing Backing Accidents
Marilyn A. Blake, AU, CRM
Safety cones, also known as traffic cones or construction cones, come in many shapes and sizes – each designed for a specific purpose. Traffic cones commonly come with reflective striping to increase visibility as well as some space on top to attach caution tape.

Safety Matters
Emergency Preparedness
Craig Rapp, Risk Manager
Not long ago in American culture, a group of people emerged that fascinated us, bewildered us, and caused a lot of us to chuckle: preppers. While their approach may be questionable, it’s undeniable that preparation is important.

Claims Matters
Coming and Going Rules for Workers’ Compensation
Rebecca (Beckie) Menard, AU, CISR
Just because an accident happens during work hours doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a compensable claim. The basic principles that apply to Workers’ Compensation claims are standard in most states, specifying that the injury must arise out of the employment status and occur in the course and scope of the employment. 
October: National Cooperative Month
National Co-op Month is an annual opportunity to raise awareness of a trusted, proven way to do business and build resilient, inclusive communities. Under the theme “Co-ops Build Economic Power,” this year’s Co-op Month is a great time to lift up the cooperative business model as the best way to build an empowering economy.

As businesses face inflation and supply chain challenges, cooperatives provide much-needed stability and opportunity - and create dignified jobs with paths to ownership and financial success. Cooperatives also create the meaningful diversity and equity found at the heart of an inclusive economy.
Don't miss this key opportunity to reflect on the impact of cooperatives, and to celebrate the many ways co-ops are shaping communities around the world!
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