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2018-2019 Board of Directors
Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO
Atlantic Home Loans 
Michael Azzarello, CMB  
Sherry Gallitz
Union Home Mortgage
Michelle Knoebel, CMB
Doug Leever
Pat Gaver
Brittany Johnson

Teresa Hale
HomeBridge Financial Services 
Timothy Bazell
Fidelity Bank Mortgage
Jeff Kaufman
iberiabank Mortgage Company
Tara Merritt
Atlantic Home Loans
Jaime Fiore
Sandy Garcia
Robert Villalon
National MI
Associate Director
Dawn Henshaw
Genworth Mortgage Insurance
Margie Fletcher (elected 2005)
Georges Lussier (elected 2010)
Local Chapter Presidents
Brittany Johnson 
Yvette Clermont, AMP, CMB
Mick Dolan
Dan E. Doherty
Charlie Suarez
John Irons
Becky Morris
Denise Drews
Online Store-Education and Designations

-It's the Mortgage Bankers Associations' FREE grassroots network.
-It gives You the opportunity to directly impact YOUR business and livelihood.
-It is vital to us as an industry that legislators and regulators who are making new laws and rules hear the industry's views, loud and clear.
-Politics is a numbers game.  Elected officials pay attention to efforts conducted by a large group of people.
-Letters from MAA members show elected officials that real people in their states or districts care about these issues.
Ready to join? Sign up with the app:  
Text MAA to the number 313131 
With the app: 
  • Receive updates on bills affecting the real estate finance industry
  • Let your elected officials know how those bills will impact you directly
  • Research bills that MBA is watching
  • Find contact information for your members of Congress
  • Learn about MORPAC, MBA's political action committee
Please email maa@mba.org
or call (202) 557-2933 if you need any assistance with the app. 
Fall Update 2018

Welcome to our Fall Update. 
Presidents Message
by Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO President
Greetings! This is a quick and heartfelt message to allow yourself some time to enjoy your friends and family during the upcoming holiday season.  
Each year we see how important it is to keep our focus on special things, including our work, associates and those less fortunate. Anyone that is more able than the next is surely lucky, please show your gratitude by assisting the ones that need a helping hand.
As your professional association, we keep that in mind as well. The projects our volunteers are working on are to help with your continued success and business partnerships. Most busy has been our first ever, (BACK to BACK in 2019) with the Eastern Secondary Market Conference and Annual Convention committees. The committees are ironing out an exceptional agenda with superior speakers and including plenty of networking and exhibit time. More information will be ready by the end of November. You will be able to register before 2018 ends to get it in this years budget if you want! Mark Your Calendars for June 18-20, 2019.
SYNERGY: Synergy is defined as the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together.
Synergy is also defined as a state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Local Chapter News
Check the link above to view the various events taking place with the chapters throughout the year! As more events are confirmed they will be added to the calendar. MBA of Tampa Bay provided some highlights for us. What a great group of volunteers!
MBA Tampa Bay 
by Denise Drews, MBA of Tampa Bay President
 We continue to stay very busy and provide plenty of education to our members! Our August luncheon presentation was very timely. It was all about the new 4-Point inspection form that was implemented by Citizens Insurance September 1, 2018. The new form is much more comprehensive than the old one and other insurance companies are expected to follow suit. Our presenters were Tarin Quigley of Quigley Inspections and Tracy Baer from NorthShore Insurance, as pictured.
In September, our meeting was a 3 hour self-employed class put on by Susan Walsh, Southern Regional Training Manager for Radian Guaranty, Inc. The class was well attended and many of the mortgage companies sent their processors and underwriters to this class for additional training. Once again we did our annual 'Night at the Trop' with Gulf Coast MBA on September 26. Great time tailgating before the game and definitely the longest 1st inning I have ever seen at a baseball game! The Tampa Bay Rays did end up beating the New York Yankees 8-7 so it was a good game 
Sinkholes - That Sinking Feeling was the presentation for our October Luncheon. Sinkholes are a fairly common problem in our part of Florida and out presenter, Leo Cannyn, PMP, P.E., ENV SP from Beryl Project Engineering provided us with some very important and interesting information.

Art Project Volunteers
November was our annual Silent Auction for the Children's Home Network. It was held on November 7 at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC in Tampa and it proved to be a perfect venue for our event. This is our 34th consecutive year holding this event and we have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for this organization over the years. The theme of this year's event was From the Heart and we kicked it off by doing our annual art project with some of the children from the Children's Home. The finished art projects were then part of our silent auction at the event. Our Immediate Past President Cindy Maxie was in charge of the event this year and she did an amazing job - we are all so grateful to her for the time and hard work she put into it.

MBA Tampa Bay Board of Directors with the children's art.

We are not having a December Luncheon meeting this year.
Instead we are doing a Holiday Social / MPAC Fundraiser on December 11 with a Drag Queen Bingo Event at Hamburger Mary's in Brandon.
This should be fun!!!

Future Leaders
Do you have someone in your organization that is a candidate?

MBAF's Future Leaders Program is dedicated to identifying and cultivating the next generation  
of industry leaders by delivering 
a comprehensive leadership 
training experience for participants. For more information or to nominate a Future Leader please contact 
the committee chair,

Doug Leever
Mark Your Calendars
June 18-19-20, 2019  
(Registration, Exhibit, Sponsorship and Program Information coming!)
Thank You Members!
Below are the paid members as of 11/19/2018. If you think you've paid and not showing here, email mbaf@mbaf.org (or if you need another copy of your invoice.)
We value and appreciate your continued support. 

Financial Institution Members
*Acopia Home Loans
American Bancshares Mortgage
Ameris Bank
Apex Mortgage Corp. 
Assurance Financial
Atlantic Home Loans 
*Branch Banking & Trust 
Capital City Bank
Centennial Bank 
*Christensen Financial, Inc. 
Deephaven Mortgage 
Eagle Home Mortgage 
Embrace HomeLoans
Farm Credit of Northwest Florida
Fidelity Bank Mortgage
First Commerce Credit Union
First Federal Bank of Florida
First Home Bank
Florida Capital Bank N.A.
Group One Mortgage, Inc.
Hancock Whitney Bank
Home Point Financial Corporation
*HomeBridge Financial Services 
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Inlanta Mortgage 
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SWBC Mortgage Corp.
*The Mortgage Firm
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United States Automobile Association 
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*Arch MI
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Essent Guaranty
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MERSCORP Holdings, Inc.
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Mortgage Information Services
*National MI 
Rumberger Kirk & Cardwell
Seeman Holtz Property and Casualty, LLC
Shapiro, Fishman & Gache, LLC
The StoneHill Group
VyStar Credit Union 
Western Technologies Group, LLC
Individual Members
Tim Allen, CMB 
Michael Azzarello, CMB
Amy Ellmore 
Michelle Glass, Esq.
David Greif
Brittany Johnson 
Michelle Knoebel, CMB  
Doug Leever 
Michael Pollis 
Coleen T. Regan
Tolly Spence
Alan Verch, CMB
Paul Wholley 

Certified Mortgage Banker
The Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation is the industry standard of professional success. It symbolizes respect, credibility, ethics, and achievement within real estate finance. Earning a CMB instantly places you at the top of our dynamic industry and makes you a part of the elite group that has achieved the highest level of professional success.
You can choose to earn a Commercial or Residential CMB. Complete both programs to earn your Master CMB. Achievement of these designations represents the epitome of dedication and expertise in the real estate finance industry. Since its inception in 1973, the CMB has been the highest professional designation for the real estate finance industry. The CMB community is made up of outstanding industry professionals and leaders. With such a great community, the designation continues to define excellence within the industry.
Whether obtaining the designation as a personal achievement in their career, or as a testament to the industry, CMB designees exhibit the dedication that inspires other professionals to strive for excellence. In fact, more than 89% of CMB designees hold the title of vice president or higher, reflecting the level of leadership and commitment designees maintain.
The Tools to Succeed
The designation program is comprised of several steps. From documentation, to exam preparation, through graduation, the MBA staff helps you every step of the way. They have all the right tools to help you succeed and offer award-winning training to help you meet the requirements and prepare for the exam. And you can track your progress with your online transcript. If you are an individual who would like to demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence and distinguish yourself as a leader within the industry-the CMB designation is the program for you: Residential - Commercial - Master.
Choose the path that is right for you
When the program was initially developed, professionals who wished to earn the designation were required to learn both commercial and residential finance disciplines before they could earn the CMB. At that time, most lenders had commercial shops within their organization, so it was expected that professionals could, and would learn both parts of the industry.
The growth of the industry necessitated the division of companies to focus on more specialized operations and many new companies appeared on the playing field as a result. Now many successful professionals are experts within their field and may never have the opportunity or need to learn the other side of the business.
The CMB Society recognized this shift within the industry and resolved to address the progression of our workforce by segmenting the designation into these three distinct groups.
CMB Society of Florida
CMB Logo
About the Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida
The idea of a CMB Society within the MBAF began in 2011 . The purpose of the proposed Society would be to create awareness of the purpose of the CMB designation and promote membership in the CMB society. Tim Allen, CMB, who was the 2010/2011 Chairman of MBAF's CMB Committee, together with some others, came up with the idea of forming a State of Florida CMB Society, and having a breakfast at the MBAF Eastern Secondary Conference to discuss the idea. Ross Bennett, CMB founder and longtime Chairman of MBAF's CMB Committee also saw value in a Florida CMB Society and assisted Tim presenting the concept at the CMB Breakfast. Approximately 25 CMBs and Candidates attend the CMB Breakfast at the Eastern Secondary Conference and all the CMBs present voted unanimously to form a CMB Society of the MBAF.
The name of the organization is The Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida. (CMB Society of Florida)
The purpose of the Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida is:
  • To create awareness of the purpose of the CMB designation and promote membership in the CMB society.
  • To encourage qualified individuals to pursue the CMB designation.
  • To provide more opportunity for prospective CMBs to learn what it means to be a CMB.
  • To provide mentors and proctors for CMB candidates.
  • To provide a networking opportunity for Florida CMBs to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas.
  • To educate ourselves to national and local issues affecting our industry.
  • To act, if and when necessary, to influence positive change.
  • To encourage and enhance networking relationships.
Membership in the Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida is divided into two categories:
A) Regular Members, both active and inactive, who have achieved the CMB designation; and regular members who have full rights and privileges of membership which entitle them to vote, hold office, proctor examinations and perform other duties as appropriate.
B) Candidate Members will allow individuals to attend certain functions and activities without the privileges of full membership.
The Certified Mortgage Bankers Society of Florida meetings are held at the Eastern Secondary Conference and at the Annual Convention of the MBA of Florida.
More information at www.mbaf.org and www.mbaf.org/cmb/about-cmb-designation/
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We could not do it without you! We appreciate your support!
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