Welcome to "The Dirt" where we share what you can expect from us in the coming weeks,  what's new at NatureWorks, and some garden buzz.
Gather In
Another season, another chance to welcome friends & family to your home with an  inviting display. Our custom decor will to take you from early fall to first frost and beyond. Choose  a nature-inspired display or a Halloween spectacular to make your house the favorite haunt.

With a display like that you've surely got the best candy on the block!
Think Spring Now
Order your spring blooming bulbs now - daffodils, grape hyacinths, allium, and so many more. We'll plant them this fall for a gorgeous spring show. Don't be caught with tulip envy next year!

Ornamental onion (allium), a blue river of grape hyacinths, drifts of tulips.
Fall Clean-Ups
Your fall yard clean-up starts mid-October and happens over three visits. The first visit clears just the lawn and hard surfaces of leaves.  By the second visit a few weeks later, we'll get the next big batch. The last visit will be a meticulous cleaning of all areas, including garden beds & window wells. If you have any events you'd like a clean-up for please let your account manager know. We're happy to accommodate. 

Fall clean-up is done over 3 visits starting mid-October.
Pick Up Sticks
Hurricane season reminds us that winter nor'easters aren't far behind. Dense tree canopies and weak or dead limbs increase a tree's vulnerability to storm damage. If you have trees that haven't been trimmed in a while, or branches hanging over walkways, rooftops or power lines, prune them now before they become a winter hazard.

Pro-active pruning can avoid a whole lot of trouble later.
Growing Family of Automowers
More and more of our clients are choosing to swap out traditional mowing for the automower. They're enjoying these silent (and adorable!) robots that work quietly, efficiently, and ecologically to keep the grass that perfect height at all times. As a bonus, the tiny clippings continually add nutrients back to the lawn, leaving it even more lush. 

Dicer in action, installing a perimeter wire, Rosie in action.
The Late Show
Fall beauties like these give your garden a late season glow. These, plus all sorts of ornamental grasses, extend your landscape's appeal, taking your garden to winter's doorstep with color and charm.

Sheffield daisy (a true perennial mum), Aconitum (monkshood), autumn crocus.
Autumn repays the earth the leaves which summer lent it. 
~Georg Christoph Lichtenberg