November 9, 2015 - Catch up on the latest news from CAARI!

Greetings from CAARI's eager community of researchers.  The summer fellows, who are  in the group above, have come and gone; new fellows have arrived for the fall and winter. T hey join the steady flow of students, scholars, and visitors who fill the library's  seats.  The lively faces that greet you here give a feeling for the energy and enthusiasm  that fill CAARI's library.  Think of them as you read about our library's progress.
Library Construction

Underground construction of the library expansion is complete. Construction is now underway for the glass-and-steel external corridor that  will lead from the reading room to the stacks and storage areas in the rooms underground.

CAARI's Garden

Where the equipment is stacked in the picture above will soon slowly begin to become the  garden once again.  CAARI's friends responded with wonderful and imaginative generosity  to our appeal for the garden. We thank every donor! You've allowed us to plan confidently.  We can begin to imagine the space with palm and jacaranda trees, fine traditional Cypriot  pots, a prerequisite Cypriot barbecue and plants to delight both eye and nose. 
Looking Ahead

You will soon receive your end-of-the-year solicitation letter from CAARI.  It will urge you  to think ahead about the ways you'd most like to build CAARI's future and success.  The  library will continue to make demands as we furnish it with shelves and the appropriate  storage and security devices.  But it is important also the think about the people who will  work there-the radiant faces like those at the top of the page.  For many of them, work  in the library is possible only through fellowships.  CAARI's fellowships are among the  most important sources of funding available in the U.S. and E.U. for research in Cyprus.

CAARI is a very special environment for research, as Fulbright Fellow Roger Balm m akes clear:

Something is present at CAARI that promotes lateral thinking and divergent  perspectives and resists judgments based on orthodoxy and rigid academic  boundaries... but what? An "excavation" of CAARI reveals an optimal mix of  elements, some quantifiable but many not, with a largeness of spirit and vision  on the part of the Director and staff.... the constantly changing mix of international scholars at various career stages,... all with access to an excellent library. Both architecture and ethos play roles in the library's effectiveness; it is an open, undivided, communal and democratic space where those from all backgrounds have equal access to resources. There is also a social rhythm at CAARI that intersects with the academic: morning coffee is a time not only to introduce newcomers but also an opportunity, through shared stories, to triangulate the contested and highly personalized cultural geographies of Cyprus, the negotiation of which are essential for access to information, academic productivity, and the  building of partnerships.   

Bear CAARI's fellowships in mind when you make your gifts to it.  You can help CAARI maintain its important library and fellowships with a contribution at

Thank you for including scholarship on Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean in your philanthropic priorities.  With your gift, you are helping CAARI realize Cyprus' historic role as a mediator of cultures.


Annemarie Weyl Carr
Vice President, CAARI Board