Summer flowers often look their best in August and September, but they will quickly fade with rain and colder weather. Thus, it is time for a fall change-out to pansies. We call this “seasonal color” and we are excited to begin installing fall seasonal color.

Flowers are some of the most fun and gratifying segments of landscape maintenance. We get to play designer and work on new and creative designs, then plant and nurture while they get established. When they burst into maturity, we all enjoy the planning and work that went into planting.

This week we begin our change-out to Pansies. Although the pansies coming out of the greenhouse are healthy and beautiful, significant effort is needed to keep them healthy through our wet winters. Our fall change-out and pansy maintenance program has been developed and updated over the years to provide the best results we can achieve. While It has driven up the cost of pansies for us, we have built into our standard program, because, if not done, pansies are doomed to fail. Our program includes biological disease prevention treatment in the greenhouse, fresh potting soil each fall when planting, and fungicide treatment at planting and monthly throughout the winter. Our attention has been effective, as the pictures below show.  

We are sorry to see summer go but are excited to provide you with our successful pansy program that is the best in the local industry. 


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