Fall Gardening in Northeast Florida:

Why It's the Ideal Time

With its unique climatic conditions, Northeast Florida presents a gardening calendar that may be surprising to many. While spring and summer are popular gardening seasons in many parts of the country, fall emerges as the prime planting time in this region. Here's why:

  • Milder Temperatures: Fall brings cooler temperatures, making it a more comfortable time for plants and gardeners. Unlike the scorching heat of summer, which can stress young plants, fall provides the gentle warmth they need to establish roots without getting scorched.
  • Less Pest Pressure: Many pests plaguing gardens during the warmer months begin to decline in the fall. This gives plants a better chance of thriving without the threat of infestations, ensuring healthier growth.
  • Optimal Soil Moisture: The balance of rainfall and cooler temperatures in the fall often leads to ideal soil moisture levels. This encourages root growth, allowing plants to establish themselves before the colder winter months.
  • Longer Root Development Window: Plants established in the fall have several months to develop robust root systems before spring. This head start allows them to handle the heat and potential drought conditions better when the next summer arrives.
  • Bountiful Fall Crops: Northeast Florida's fall season is perfect for growing vegetables, including lettuce, broccoli, and carrots. These cool-season crops thrive in the milder temperatures and can provide a rich harvest for gardeners.
  • Less Maintenance: With fewer pests, optimal rainfall, and milder temperatures, plants generally require less maintenance in the fall. This can mean less watering, pruning, and overall care than the demanding summer months.
  • Vibrant Fall Blooms: Many perennials and shrubs bloom during the fall. Planting these in your garden can provide a splash of color, ensuring that your garden remains vibrant and picturesque as the seasons change.

While every season offers its own gardening joys, fall in Northeast Florida stands out as a particularly fruitful time for planting and cultivation. It combines the perfect blend of climatic conditions with the natural lifecycle of many plants, making it a gardener's paradise. Whether you're planting ornamentals or edibles, fall in this region is a time of rich potential and bountiful rewards.

fall veggies

Time to plant your cool-weather veggie garden.

Watch Garden Center Manager Matthew Barlow as he unveils the secrets of successful Fall vegetable gardening in Northeast Florida. Discover the art of growing your veggies from seed, master the soil essentials, unlock the power of fertilizers and soil amendments, and learn pest control tricks. Dive deep into the gardening world with insights on succession planting and the age-old debate of when to prune or pick your bountiful harvest!


Upgrade Your Outdoor Space.

Welcome to another exciting project. Where Earthworks is about to work his magic! 🌿

In this video, we're down in Riverside, exploring a customer's vision to upgrade their outdoor living space into a tropical paradise. Discover low-maintenance landscaping ideas and the solution to pet-related lawn troubles with Earthworks' artificial grass. Get ready to transform your yard with expert guidance from Earthworks

Spice up your containers with a classic October

combo of purple and orange.

The "Pumpkin Spice" container garden is a delightful mix of lively orange and deep purple plants. The whimsical touch of one or two pumpkins nestled within adds to its charm. This pot bursts with autumn's warm and inviting colors, making it an excellent addition to any outdoor space or patio. The fiery hues of the Red Candles Bromeliad and Marigolds dance alongside the rich purples of Sweet Caroline Potato Vine and Alternanthera, creating a stunning contrast that evokes the essence of fall. The playful pumpkins add a seasonal flair, making "Pumpkin Spice" a joyous celebration of nature's beauty and the cozy spirit of autumn.

  1. Bromeliad Aechmea Red Candles is a striking new cultivar known for its tall, upright growth. With adequate sunlight, it transforms into a beautiful reddish-bronze hue, making it an excellent choice for a dramatic focal point, growing up to 30 inches tall.
  2. Purple Prince Alternanthera, a vibrant heat-loving ground cover, thrives as edging in landscapes and container bases. Its striking ornamental foliage shines brightest in full sun, though it tolerates partial shade.
  3. Orange Marigolds, with frilly aromatic blossoms, add lasting beauty to gardens. They attract beneficial creatures, deter pests, and hold cultural significance in Day of the Dead ceremonies. Ideal for containers and sunny spots.
  4. Sweet Caroline Potato Vine Jet Black excels as an annual ground cover in landscapes and thrives in containers. Its adaptability suits sunny and shady conditions, with colors intensifying in full sun.
  5. Lantana Changing Times is a deep orange, red, and yellow mounding variety that, like all lantana, will bloom until a hard frost and is drought and heat-tolerant.
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Fall Lawn Care for a Vibrant Jacksonville Yard

As we enter the fall season in Jacksonville, FL, it's a good idea to give your lawn special care using a "Winterizer" or "Weed and Feed." These treatments can help prepare your lawn for the colder months ahead.

When shopping for a Fall Winterizer, look for one with a higher potassium level and a lower amount of nitrogen. In the spring, nitrogen is like a boost for new growth, but in the fall, it can make your grass more susceptible to the cold and even encourage fungus growth. On the other hand, potassium acts as a protector, helping your warm-season grass stay strong as it heads into its dormant phase.

But here's a word of caution: St. Augustine grass can be sensitive to herbicides, so be careful when using them in your Winterizer mix.

In summary, give your lawn some TLC with a Fall Winterizer, but be mindful of herbicides, and remember, potassium is your lawn's ally as it prepares for the winter months.

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Understand the Science Behind Feeding Koi:

A Taste of Perfection

Aquascape Inc., June 6, 2023 FishWater Gardening Blog

For many pond owners, having fish in the pond is the main reason for creating a water feature in the first place. Plenty of pond owners have been keeping aquarium fish for years and have decided to expand their hobby to the outdoors. Others see fish as a beautiful addition to their water garden. No matter what your motive is for owning pond fish, you’ll enjoy this satisfying hobby for years to come. You might be surprised at the affinity you acquire for your fish and find them to be just as important as a pet dog or cat. You may even decide to name them. And just like your furry friends, your finned friends need a little special care and should be given proper nutrition to survive and thrive. Learn what you need to know about feeding koi and pond fish


To Feed or Not to Feed

Feeding koi is a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy. After you first bring your fish home, they’ll be a little shy and won’t seem interested in what you’re feeding them. Don’t worry too much about this; just sprinkle a little food in the pond and move back. After a few minutes, they’ll likely take interest in the food. Try to be consistent when feeding. Feed them at the same time from the same location, and they’ll become conditioned to your visits.

Continue Reading for more feeding tips.

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