Henry winning one of the first bingo prizes at the Christmas Party!

William winning a raffle prize at the Christmas Party from Santa (Property Manager, Brodie!)

Mark and Ken winning a bingo prize at the Christmas Party.

Christmas Party

On Thursday, December 8th, Daybreak held their annual resident Christmas Party at Knox Church. There were games, food, and a raffle, where everyone was a winner! Daybreak received a lot of positive feedback from residents and fellow housing providers who attended.

Bob playing the piano for his fellow residents.

Staff and Board Members of Daybreak preparing to serve dinner.

Ladies of Piccadilly House playing bingo.

During the Christmas Party, Daybreak also celebrated Kate's birthday. Kate is Daybreak's President of the Board of Directors. Happy Birthday Kate!

Resident News

Welcome to Daybreak Idil, Ryan, Jaime, Blaize, Kris, Candace, and Christian!

Daybreak welcomed 7 new residents this past quarter. The residents are thrilled that they were able to find help to access safe, affordable, and comfortable housing in a supportive community. One new resident stated, “It feels good to finally be at peace.” Daybreak hopes that having a place to call home, provides a sense of peace to all our new residents. 

Meet Peter

Peter spent 20 years in and out of jail. Struggling with a drug addiction and homelessness Peter would steal to pay for drugs and motel rooms. 

Peter has been at Daybreak for 5 years now. Peter has become a father figure in the house where other residents look up to him. Peter works and volunteers his time to help others.

Peter is now moving into independent living. Congratulations Peter!

“I’m really grateful for what Daybreak has provided me – all the kindness and support. I’m getting emotional thinking about it. If it weren’t for Daybreak, I would be in jail.”

A BIG Thank you!

Daybreak would like to thank Amanda and IKEA Ottawa for the generous donation of furniture from IKEA Ottawa in October.

Daybreak would like to thank Reverend Jim, Marianne, and Bruce at Knox Church for their kind hospitality in allowing Daybreak to use the church hall for the annual Christmas Party for the residents. 

Daybreak would like to extend a thank you to Reverend Stu, Ken, and the Bytown Rotary Committee for its generous monetary donation. 

Daybreak would like to thank Elaine and Scotiabank staff for baking 500 cookies for our residents this holiday season.

Daybreak would like to thank Kanata Stockings for the gifts for all our residents this Christmas.

Daybreak would like to thank the residents of Champlain Park (near Piccadilly neighbourhood) for the generous donation of gift cards to all our residents.

Daybreak would like to thank Centretown Churches Social and Action Committee (CCSAC) for their generous monetary donation.

Daybreak would like to thank St. George’s Church for the wonderful donation of gift cards for our residents.

Daybreak would like to thank Pastor Joel, Anisha, Aggie, committee and volunteers of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church for all the beautiful quilts, clothing, slippers, hats, and scarves for our residents this Christmas. 

Daybreak would like to thank Janet and Laurie, members of our Board of Directors for all their efforts preparing for the Christmas Party, cake baking, and upcoming cookie delivery.

Daybreak would like to thank Khalsa Aid for the donation of clothing, toiletries, hats and scarves, bedding, towels, coffee, and more for our residents this winter season.

Preparing for Move In

“I really like your style (at Daybreak) - I find not everywhere puts in the amount of effort I saw to ensure that people feel good about their new home, that they have a place to be proud of and take pride in to maintain. The fresh paint, the new furniture, it makes a difference and is so lovely to see.”

– Social Worker at The Royal Ottawa

Sometimes the rooms are left in disrepair when a resident moves out.

One of Daybreak's rooms ready for move in!

Meet Munita

Munita, a previous resident of Daybreak joined staff and residents at the annual Christmas Party and shared a bit of her story.

Munita grew up in an unstable home. As a young adult she struggled with financial instability, maintaining a job, and overspending until she filed for bankruptcy. It eventually led to couch surfing and ultimately homelessness, where she stayed at a local shelter.

While staying in shelter, Munita applied and interviewed for housing at Daybreak. “I remember the day Richard called me. I was so surprised and happy.” Munita moved in and stayed at Daybreak for one year.

“Daybreak provided such a lovely, clean, and pretty house. The staff are so kind. It was wonderful to wake up and have a friendly greeting from all the staff. It was a breath of fresh air to be able to lean on staff for support.”

Munita is always thinking of what the next step is. After a year of staying at Daybreak, Munita knew she was ready for independent living. Munita is now living on her own and working in hospitality.

“I’m so thankful for the support Daybreak provided me. Daybreak gave me a sense of pride even when I was at my worst.”

Daybreak’s New Housing Support Worker

Logan is our new Housing Support Worker. She joined us from The Salvation Army where she worked in Street Outreach. She has a varied background, previously working as a developmental service worker, behavioural counsellor, and protection agent. Logan also volunteers her time as Events Program Coordinator at Headsup Concussion Advocacy Network.

Logan is passionate about helping people and ensuring the most vulnerable populations are always provided services with respect, dignity, and compassion. Logan looks forward to helping the men and women of Ottawa find new beginnings through safe, affordable, and comfortable housing at Daybreak.

In her spare time, Logan loves to travel, read, paint, photograph landscapes, and hike with her beloved dog, Beau.


Daybreak would like to thank all donors for your generosity. If anyone would like to donate, please do so by clicking the CanadaHelps button on the right.

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