Remodeling the heart of the home, creating a new space that is functional, reflects your style and brings you joy is the best part of this business! This Deephaven remodel is the sweetest transformation! ! We partnered with A. Sadowski Designs to bring life to the dated kitchen and living room. It's a lovely space now packed with elegant details throughout! Enjoy!
"Service to the Customer"
-Peter Jacobson, Principal

My view of business success is “Service to the Customer.” Try a read of Earl Nightingales words of wisdom or listen to his audiobook. They speak of the ultimate truth in business. His voice still reverberates between my ears and helped develop our culture at LCB.
Our country has experienced a change in the construction business. Product delays, cost’s rising, labor shortages etc. However, everyone already knows about those things. It’s "Service to the Customer” that IS the point.. and if that is your fundamental business truth. Problem solving to find solutions - and not blame. Listening and trying to help. Not making excuses. Having your customer know you care.
Recently, my wife and I “hired out” for some remodeling on property that is not in our great state of Minnesota, where “Minnesota Nice” truly does have a meaning. Trust me, it’s not like that everywhere. Having built everything, we have ever owned by hand, including our business (with help ), we developed an understanding of process, quality, communication, follow thru and customer service. It was all learned….. and sometimes the hard way. But we did learn, and things like thoughtfulness and listening were nurtured into our company culture. It’s not like everywhere.

The “other construction world” is summed up nicely by Rod Serling. “Beyond is another dimension, you’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone….. This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality; you’re on a through route to the land of the different , the bizarre , the unexplainable.” 
Folks, we have it good in Minnesota. We are lucky to live here. Your lucky to build here . We have a bunch of great contractors, large and small, who care. They provide good service that can lead to a valuable experience…. And not lead to the Twilight Zone.

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Winters Cold Temps & Low Humidity
Cold Temps Outside, Dry Heat & Low Humidity Inside

With Winter approaching and the colder, dryer temps about to fill our homes, I thought it would be a good time to highlight how these temps and the lower humidity levels can affect your homes woodwork and hardwood flooring.
The effects of humidity can be quite noticeable in newly remodeled or newly built homes and/or the new woodwork that is going through its first seasonal changes. With that said, during the winter months it is important to monitor your homes humidity levels as it is common for the humidity levels to drop in your home which can cause items like your wooden moldings, trim and flooring to contract. 
Although these changes, like a gap in the flooring or trim can go back to “normal” as the seasons change and the humidity levels rise, there are times when prolonged exposure to low or no humidity levels can cause damage leading to extensive repairs or replacement.
We recommend that you try to keep your homes humidity levels between 25-35% year-round to limit or minimize expansion or contraction to the woodwork in your home.
How Does Humidity Affect Wood?
Moisture is the primary reason why wood expands and contracts. Wood is a hygroscopic material because it constantly changes to match the external atmosphere changes. 
Wood is a porous material and will always try to match its internal humidity levels with external humidity levels, a state called the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC).
As a result, the wood fibers swell as it absorbs moisture and shrink as it releases it –wood expansion and contraction.
Your hardwood floor during the dry season
During the winter, when homes are heated and the air is dry, wood flooring loses some of its moisture and contracts or shrinks as a result.
Author: Derek Wilkinson
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Caesarstone presents the Pebbles Collection, which offers five new sustainable surfaces that nurture comfort and calm by bringing the blessings of sunlight and rain into the heart of the home. The collection’s five pebble-inspired designs feature a dynamic palette of warm, gray monochromes laced with softer hues, creating distinctive textures that trace the everlasting path of the pebble. The new, vivid designs have expanded the company’s nature-inspired portfolio.
The collection’s five pebble-inspired designs feature a dynamic palette of warm, grey monochromes laced with softer hues, creating distinctive textures that trace the everlasting path of the pebble, encapsulating a heartfelt appreciation for nature.
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