2024-25 Adult & Junior Clinic Information

Hello to you all,

Year 54 and still going! To be able to say that aloud is truly amazing. Yonkers Tennis is proud to create an environment of growth and camaraderie amongst its players, as well as continuing to deliver great tennis instruction. That is our mandate, plain and simple. We hope you and your loved ones are enjoying the start of the summer thus far. We are aware that family time is at the heart, especially this summer. A lot of travel, sleep away camps and hopefully connecting it all…some great tennis!

This past season was a real treat for us. We were able to reorganize our teaching flow and implement a philosophy that makes it so much easier to process what is happening on the court. There are thousands of decisions that can be made in just an hour of play, so being able to make that process cleaner for both players and coaches means we spend less time talking and more time hitting.

Here is what we have in store for you this coming season:

Adult Program

Learn Tennis Now (LTN) for Beginners: A fun, heart pumping and engaging 5-week session using a nationally credited curriculum designed to learn the basics of tennis in 5 weeks. Work up a sweat and make new friends all while learning the game of a lifetime!

2.0-4.0 Clinics: We have TWO 15-week committed sessions. Continuing committed sessions will allow us to have better player and class consistency throughout the year. All classes will be taught using the D.A.T curriculum, which entails:

  • Understanding your contact point
  • Confidence in your shot selection and tactics
  • Accountability to yourself, your teammates and your coaching staff
  • A tough physical and mental skills workout

“No-Strings Flexible Clinics:” For those who can’t commit to a 15-week session, a flexible schedule will be posted mid-September. Simply put… sign-up and play. Sign-ups are strictly week to week and are not guaranteed. These flex clinics will be theme based and the level will vary.

Match Play Opportunities: To be eligible for a league program/match play, a player has to participate in Adult Clinic, Seasonal or SeaPro programs. We will be announcing the line up and format of this offering in mid-September.

Junior Program

Clinics: We have TWO engaging 15-week sessions, built on retaining and developing players. Each class will work on the following:

  • Love for the game
  • Confidence in your ability to execute
  • Accountability to yourself, your teammates and your coaching staff
  • A tough physical and mental skills workout

Match Play Opportunities: Playing tennis more than once a week is a sure way to see improvements in weeks, so we have created match play opportunities to test those skills learned during clinic time. We will be releasing information in September; match play runs from October through April.


We are excited to debut our 2-hour Rockin' Reds Day of Play, which will take place every Saturday from 1-3pm. Simply put, drop your kids off, leave them in our immersive on-court play ground, and come get them after the fun of learning is complete! This is the perfect complement to your kids weekly classes.

Registration and pricing to follow.


With the backdrop of our 54th season in our hearts and mind, there are a few changes in the back office we have implemented to streamline our service to you. Coach Vito Galatioto will serve as the Director of Programming & Sales, with the tandem of Michele DelGiudice (Adult Programming) & Noelle DelGiudice (Junior Programming) co-working with him.

We have continued to invest heavily in an experienced and nurturing staff. Click the link to find out more about our staff here. All our coaches bring a tremendous energy into our building and I’m excited for you to meet them!

PS - we have someone for everyone 😏


Now it’s time to register for your fall clinic at YTC!

To register for Learn Tennis Now click here.

To register for Adult clinics click here.

To register for Junior clinics click here.

If you have any questions, kindly email Coach Vito at programmer@yonkerstennis.com

Note, the club will be closed from July 20th – September 2nd. We will be frequently monitoring our emails and voice mail messages. Thank you for your patience as you await our response. The office will reopen on September 3rd. Please call or email the front desk at frontdesk@yonkerstennis.com if you need to schedule an orientation to assess your level (if new to YTC) or reassess (if existing YTC player) for next season.

The entire staff looks forward to seeing you back in the building for our 54th year in the relationship business beginning on Monday, September 16th. We so happen to use tennis as an avenue to bridge and unite all people and that is truly what our facility excels at: fun, friendship and a passion for the game!


Tendai Kuwaza

Director of Tennis


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