FaithLines 6 May 2020

 Remember, a generous donor has offered a $100,000 Matching Challenge Grant for all new and increased donations in 2020. That means for every dollar raised over last year's amount, FaithWorks receives an extra dollar. This multiplies the impact of your donation!

To date, our Easter Appeal has raised over $30,000 in new or increased donations. THANK YOU to all who have been so generous. However, we will only receive the Matching Challenge Grant of $100,000 if we raise the full $100,000 ourselves. We still have a ways to go. So please help us reach our goal by making your donation today at our web site faithworks.ca It's easy to do!

Our MINISTRY PARTNERS are still serving
on the other FRONT LINE.

It is wonderful to hear that many parishes and individuals are reaching out to our Ministry Partners to offer assistance. Please go to our website www.faithworks.ca and click on 'How will my gift be used' to see which ministries are closest to you so that you may contact them directly and find out what their immediate needs may be. It could be thermometers, take-out containers or someone to sew masks.

Let me share with you the latest I've heard from Lynn Thomas of the Orillia Christian Centre “The Lighthouse".
"We currently have 23 men registered at our emergency pandemic hotel and 12 women registered at our emergency women's shelter. As you know from my proposal, we did not plan to be able to shelter women (except through the county motel voucher program), until we opened our new facility. These certainly have been unprecedented times but our staff have stepped up to care for those who have no where to stay safe.  We have had to hire an additional 8 staff in order to have 2 staff at each hotel at all times. These locations will be open until at least the end of June in order to hopefully find stable housing for those we are sheltering, as is our ongoing goal always." (28 April 2020)
Where we've been ...
The Easter Appeal was sent out by both email and direct mail over the last few weeks. Thank you to all who have contributed and 'paid forward' their blessings to help those in need. The Appeal is ongoing as is the need in these exceptional times. The easiest way to respond is online at our website www.faithworks.ca
Where we're going ...
We are only gathering virtually. The Director of Stewardship, Peter Misiaszek, and I would normally be visiting parishes in person to speak of FaithWorks. Why not virtually!!! If you would like one of us to speak to your parish during your online Sunday worship please contact FaithWork Speakers Bureau at fwspeakersbureau@toronto.anglican.ca
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