March 3, 2021
Steering Committee Summary Update

Your NAPC Permanent Space Steering Committee is happy to use this forum as a regular means to provide updates on our Faith.Forward campaign as we move toward the construction of our permanent church home.  
As a reminder, the building design and construction process has multiple steps, and during each stage of the design, the details of the building will continue to be developed and refined. As you recently heard from Pastor David, because of the success of our capital campaign, the Building Committee has continued to look at options to refine the scope to evaluate what can be included in our first construction phase. If we can afford to include items in the first phase, it will be more economical to do so now than to mobilize site construction again in a future year. In addition, we have initiated discussions with the City of New Albany and adjacent neighbors to ensure that we are good stewards for this site.  As you can see on the latest site plan, we are considering a larger footprint and an entrance/exit at the Dublin-Granville light. Nothing has been finalized with respect to interior layouts, nor the entrances/exits. What you see on the concept drawing is still subject to change based on on-going discussions and the Committee's evaluations. In addition, the Finance Committee needs to determine what can be financed compared to the anticipated total cost of the latest concept.  As decisions are made and approved by Session, we will share updated information on the design.
We did reach a milestone in completing our tree survey, to be able to clear and grade the land for development later this year. As part of this survey, we incorporated the neighbors' feedback and have attempted to protect as much of the current look and feel of the wooded property and privacy as possible. Trees must be cut down before the end of March to comply with endangered habitat requirements for the Indiana bat (refer to FAQs for more information). Our contractor will be working on the site between March 15 - March 27. During this time, we ask that you please do not visit the property.
Unfortunately, we are simultaneously mourning the passing of Mrs. Taylor, the original owner of the property. Her estate has been in process of vacating the home, and NAPC takes possession March 3. Before this space can be used by NAPC, the Steering Committee is gathering information to understand the applicable government regulations that may apply.  
We look forward to continuing to provide updates as the project progresses, and have continued to update the FAQs on the website.  If you have questions or suggestions for the Steering Committee, please reach out to Lisa Rathburn.

Together in Christ,
NAPC Permanent Space Steering Committee
Worship: 6600 E Dublin Granville Road (NAMS) New Albany, OH 43054
Office: 6648 Walnut Street Suite 100, New Albany, OH 43054 | 614.933.9680