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Here are a few basic principles of planning. I learned them in the Army. They are universal.

One of the first marching cadences new recruits learn is that “There ain’t no discharge on the ground.” You are not quitting. You must persevere. There is no easy way out. And besides, “Ain’t no use in looking back.” That way is closed. Keep your chin up and a smile on your face. It’s not that hard. And you chose the goal.>READ MORE

Your Family's Personal Attorney,

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Managing Money: A Caregiver’s Guide

to Finances

Thursday, January 12, 5:30PM

Join Jim Mangi, PhD to learn tips for:

  • Managing someone else’s finances
  • How to prepare for future care costs
  • Benefits of early planning

If you or someone you know is facing Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or another chronic illness, it’s never too early to put financial plans in place.

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You need to start planning.

Okay, Harry Potter fans…

When was the last time?

This book will change your life.

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Ways to stretch your budget

when you’re retired

You may already be retired or be looking at retirement just around the corner. You may also be looking at a fixed budget and require ways to stretch that budget. Read on to find out what you can do when you hit that golden age.


· Do your own cooking – You have more time to spend in the kitchen, so keep yourself active and fix some healthy meals.


· Take advantage of senior discounts – It may feel weird to ask for a senior discount, but many stores offer a discount as early as age 55.


· Don’t spoil your grandkids – We know you want to spoil them, but we promise they will remember all the love and attention you give them more than any toy you could buy.


· Downsize your belongings – Do you really need everything in your home? Sell what you don’t need and put that cash into your savings account.


· Stick to a budget – It’s easy to overspend if you ignore your spending habits. Put together to curb your spending and cut costs where you can.


· Consider working a bit longer – You don’t have to work full time. Consider finding a job that you enjoy, and that can offer you flexible hours.


· Try to keep an emergency fund – When you live on a fixed income, it’s always a good idea to save some cash locked away or in a savings account so that when you have an emergency, you can take care of it.

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