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Fellow Residents:

Thank you to those that reached out after my first email with questions and to further discuss important issues.

I want to take this opportunity to address some of the statements that I have heard said about me from others during their negative campaigns. While some statements are obviously false and silly, I do wish to respond to some of the more important issues where incorrect statements have been made about me.

NO, I have not changed or influenced the Zoning Code or Design Guidelines to allow clients to build bigger, boxy homes.

As you may know, my profession is a general contractor. I renovate and build homes for my clients - I am not involved in the design process. Every resident has a right to design their own home within the confines of our Town's Code and neither you nor I can dictate the style of someone else's home. I do not select or control the modern, "boxy" design that some choose. I have not swayed the Planning & Zoning Board to approve any project. I am not even hired for a job until after plans are created and Planning & Zoning approves the design. This Commission has not made any changes to the Design Guidelines…they have not been updated in about 17 years. Its also important to know that, despite what you may have heard, I have been involved in building 19 projects over the last 2 years, 17 of which were approved under the previous Commission! So, there is nothing nefarious happening. Click HERE to see the list or scroll to the bottom of this email.

NO, I do not want Surfside to become Sunny Isles. If I wanted to live in Sunny Isles, I would sell my Surfside home (since home values have increased in Surfside) and move to Sunny Isles.

NO, I do not want Surfside homes or condominium buildings to get bigger and taller. Sizes have been the same for nearly 20 years. I have not taken any action whatsoever to make homes or condos bigger and taller. Below is a chart that summarizes the sizes of homes and condos permitted under the current Commission and the prior Commission. Anyone that says otherwise cannot back it up with evidence.

NO, I have not granted any "favors" to developers. They are not my "friends" or "buddies." No variances have been given to any commercial projects. I have voted to approve projects that, in the opinion of Town staff (including Building Official, Town Planner, and Town Attorneys), meet our Zoning Code and Design Guidelines. I've gotten nothing in return from any developer (nor have I been offered anything). I simply don't believe its right to disapprove a project that meets all requirements. I also recognize the tax values and other benefits that each project brings to our Town.

If there are any other statements that you have heard about me and want to know whether it is accurate, please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you.

Want to read my first email about the initial Commissioner Candidates' Forum and my responses to the questions presented? Click here.

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