Health Rights MA planned and executed 2 important events last week at the Massachusetts State House to educate legislators about the dangers of the covid19 vaccine and its mandates.

You can watch the video from The Faces of Vaccine Injury Massachusetts Event where those harmed by the covid19 vaccine and its mandates stepped up to the podium to tell their stories. Powerful!

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Christina & Lily share their story

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Health Rights MA founding member, Julie Booras, will be speaking about how, we the people, can get involved in the legislative process as a means to protect the future of health freedom. Many other speakers, with BBQ Dinner, Drinks and Music.

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Event #1

The Covid Pandemic Response: What the Data Teaches Us 

Dr. Madhava Setty shares the data from Pzifer's own clinical trials.

This event brought 2 guest speakers to give a briefing to the legislature.

Dr. Madhava Setty, “The Pfizer Covid Vaccine Data: What It Reveals and Guidance for the Future”

John Beaudoin, Sr.: “Massachusetts Death Certificate Audit: What We’ve Learned about Covid Vaccine Risk”

Our plan was to record the briefing to send it out via email to all the legislators not in attendance. (and you!) While we were very disappointed by low turnout, we do acknowledge that many legislators have other business to attend to and there were committee hearings going on that day.

Upon arrival, we were told we would not be allowed to record the briefings in the House Members Lounge because it is meant to be a safe place for legislators to ask questions.

The only legislator in attendance was, Rep. James Arena-DeRosa, 8th Middlesex District. He listened and asked some thoughtful questions. About a dozen other legislators sent their staff or interns. If he is your legislator please thank him and encourage him to keep listening with an open mind! (617) 722-2230

Dr. Setty wrote a substack about the event that goes more into detail and sums it up nicely. Read it here: An effort to Educate Massachusetts State Reps hamstrung by biased reporting

John Beaudoin also had a substack where he is chronicling his findings and his journey.

What now? We Double Down. We plan to host a live zoom version of the presentations and record them. So now legislators have yet another chance to attend and ask questions AND they will be recorded for viewing later for everyone. There will be no one that can say they didn't know or were not told. We are so thankful to Dr. Setty and John Beaudoin Sr. for their participation and excellent presentations.

Event #2

The Faces of Vaccine Injury

in Massachusetts 

We heard personal stories of Massachusetts residents who have suffered adverse health impacts following the Covid vaccines, as well as major personal and professional setbacks.

This is the full version (mostly) unedited.

Every single story is powerful in its own way.

So much effort went into this day and we need to make sure these stories get to the people that need to see them! Next, we are going to cut these up into individual stories. That will take a week or two. Stay tuned for details.

Representative Peter Durant, the event sponsor, and Representative David Decoste both spoke on behalf of the need for legislation to protect the health rights of the people of Massachusetts. Please be sure to call or email and thank them!

Peter Durant, 6th Worcester District (617) 722-2060 #6

David Decoste, 5th Plymouth District, (617) 722-2460

Russell Holmes, 6th Suffolk District, also attended and listened to many of the stories. If he is your legislator please reach out to him to see what he thought after listening. (617) 722-2220

We are not giving up, we are not going away! That is exactly what they want. For too many years states legislatures across the country were allowed to operate without the public paying any attention and with impunity. And what we are living through now is the result of years of citizen inaction. As the saying goes, freedom isn’t free.

We are going to need more help. The Face of Vaccine Injury Project is growing and we need more volunteers to help to 1) get the word out on the front end and 2) manage the stories from people on the back end. We have print, online, video, in-person meetings, email and social media to juggle. If you can volunteer and/or donate please do! 

Our thanks to all the people that attended and shared their story.

Desiree shares the her story of the loss of her father, Robert.

Representative Peter Durant speaks on the importance of having a open and honest conversation about the pandemic response.

The Faces of Vaccine Injury Massachusetts Volume 1

has been published!

Health Right MA published a book called "The Faces of Vaccine Injury Massachusetts" Volume 1!

We collected over 180 stories and 80 people allowed us to print them in a book to share with legislators.

We are working right now to obtain permissions to make an online version. This is an ongoing project. If you know someone with a story of injury, loss, or coercion to share please send them to our website!

A HUGE THANKYOU to everyone that participated and helped to work on this effort!

Support Our Efforts

Health Rights MA will continue to focus our efforts on getting support for protective bills that if passed will protect bodily autonomy and end COVID-19-vaccine mandates across the state for everyone. Including colleges!

S1094 - An Act relative to bodily autonomy and family integrity

H734 - An Act prohibiting COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of entry

We continue paying attention, showing up, and telling the truth. But we can't achieve our goal of protecting health freedoms in Massachusetts without more help. We need people to get involved and take action. Please, do not assume that other people will do it, so you don't need to. Keep in mind a large number of freedom-loving people gave up and left the state. If you are still here and plan to stay here, YOU must take action!

Please consider making a generous donation—ideally, a recurring one. RIGHT NOW, YOUR DONATION WILL BE DOUBLED THANKS TO A $6,000 MATCHING DONATION! Our organization is entirely volunteer-run. Your support will help HRMA to increase its efforts to protect your health freedom.  


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