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Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center
Maui Ocean Center - Discover The Aquarium of Hawai'i

"For over 22 years, Maui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawaiʻi has fostered understanding, wonder, and respect for Hawaiʻi’s marine life with visitors from around the world. Today, it is recognized as an award-winning aquarium and one of Maui’s top-rated attractions, listed among the “Top 10 Aquariums in the World” by TripAdvisor’s
Travelers’ Choice Award". -Tapani Vuori, General Manager

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Photo Credits: Maui Ocean Center

Our Amazing Visit to The Maui Ocean Center

Last January we spent the day at The Maui Ocean Center, The Aquarium of Hawai’i.
What a wonderful day by the bay! We saw the divers feeding the sharks and stingrays, absolutely mesmerizing. A wonderful stop for families visiting Maui-so much to see and do. Many of the exhibits are located outside. Be sure to stop by Turtle Lagoon, Nursery Bay and the Tide Pools. The staff and naturalists were friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone will learn something about their favorite Hawaiian Sea Creatures. The food and views from the Seascape restaurant were excellent. Our favorite experience was the New Humpback’s Of Hawaii 3D Experience-incredible! We saw it twice. We highly recommend a visit to the Maui Ocean Center to all our clients visiting Maui.
-Monica, Dave and Dominic Fabian
Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center

When was the last time a whale soared inches over your head?

Maui Ocean Center’s Sphere breaks the deep-sea barrier and brings you eye-to-eye with Maui’s humpback whales in their realm beneath the waves. Explore the kingdom of these incredible ocean mammals in our 3D Sphere experience. As the first-of-it’s kind in Hawai’i, the multi-million Sphere marks a new era in the confluence of technology and marine observation. For the first time ever guests can experience the mystery and majesty of one of the largest mammals on planet Earth as no one has before.

Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center

Shark Dive Maui - Cultivating Connection and Respect

Leave life on the surface behind as you descend into the pelagic realm with our Ocean Experts, where you’ll initiate a lifetime of respect and appreciation for the revered sharks of Hawaiʻi.

Shark Dive Maui is more than a thrilling experience to check off your bucket list — it’s an opportunity to understand the profound connection between the ocean’s top predators and the native people of Hawaiʻi. During this cage-free dive into our 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit, everything you thought you knew about sharks will dissolve and transform into deep respect and an urge to protect. Read More...
Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center

Help Save Marine Animals and Become a Honu Hero

Help save marine animals and ensure a healthy ocean for our future generations.
Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute’s Honu Hero Beach Cleanup Program allows residents and visitors to Maui to take a hands-on approach to protect our marine environments while enjoying time with their family and friends. Read More...

Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center

Book A Behind the Scenes Tour

Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center

Daily Marine Naturalist Presentations

Learn more about tide pools, nursery bay, the turtle lagoon and reef exhibits
with hands on exhibits.
Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center

Seascape Restaurant

Spend the day at the Maui Ocean Center and enjoy casual outdoor bistro style dining at the Reef Cafe or make a reservation at the Seascape Restaurant
for a relaxing lunch over looking the bay. Dine By The Bay
Photo Credit: Maui Ocean Center

Bill 135 Bans all NON MINERAL based Sun Products

The County of Maui will band any lip balm, sunscreen, tanning lotion, sprays, etc. that is NOT mineral based. Hawaii is asking all visitors use sunscreen and lip-balm that is mineral based to protect the environment.

Buy local approved products when you arrive instead of bringing your own. Maui Ocean Treasures, the world-class gift store at Maui Ocean Center, is celebrating June’s National Oceans Month and World Reef Day with the help of science-backed reef-friendly sunscreen brand, Raw Elements. The two companies have partnered together to bring ocean-safe sunscreen front and center ahead of the enactment of Bill 135, a Maui County ban on all chemical sunscreen that will take effect on October 1, 2022.
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