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May 2, 2024

Dear neighbor,

If you haven’t visited the Cleveland Park Library lately, it’s worth stopping off the Red Line or L2 to see the Undesign the Redline exhibit. This interactive exhibit details the history of Upper Northwest’s racially segregated land development and redlining throughout the District, which was used here and across the country to deny residents of color access to homeownership and prevent certain neighborhoods from gaining access to services and infrastructure. There are complementing events with this exhibit, both at the library and other locations. We all must be open to exploring and understanding our history, particularly as we create policy for today and the future.


One way the Council is shaping the District right now is the Fiscal Year 2025 budget. If it seems like I’m sharing that we’re working on the budget many times, it’s because this process is thorough and intentional to produce a budget that works for as many residents as possible. We’re entering the next phase of the process now. I hope you will read below to learn more and about other updates for Ward 3. 


Matt Frumin

Ward 3 Councilmember

Budget Oversight Hearings Come to a Close

Today is the last of the Council’s Budget Oversight Hearings. In my last newsletter, I highlighted my questions from a few of the hearings. Here is a recap of some of the final hearings for the FY25 budget.

Department of Housing and Community Development (April 22)

Affordable Housing: I asked how affordable housing preservation is going and was told DHCD spent $10 million on these projects last year, supporting the preservation of 804 units. Councilmember Robert White and I pushed on how many affordable units DHCD plans to produce and by when: We were told 3,000 units by December 31, 2025.

Low-Income Housing Tax Credit: From DHCD’s testimony, I understood there is more LIHTC from the federal government this year. When I asked how much of the existing pipeline of affordable housing production DHCD would be able to cover with these funds, they assured me they would be able to move forward with all projects that are already approved. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be funding for new projects or projects that have applied and are awaiting approval.

Department of Aging and Community Living (April 22)

Seabury at Friendship Terrace: I asked for an update on the Tenleytown apartments for seniors, a project that was refinanced at the end of September 2023. DACL said 125 project-based vouchers were produced, making it more affordable, and that renovations are ongoing for common areas with an open house planned for October.

In-Home Services: A one-time funding increase for in-home services – such as vision screenings, installation of handrails and stair lifts, and strength training – was provided last year and wasn’t extended for this next package. I asked if DACL is looking for ways to find funding for these critical services, and the representative said they would be able to sustain the programs they had in FY24, with no discontinuation of services. 

District Department of Transportation – Public Witnesses (April 30)

Connecticut Avenue: Despite years of planning, DDOT has stepped back from support for bike lanes on Connecticut Avenue. Meanwhile, they have suggested that there will be an alternative safety plan but have indicated there are no specific plans or designs for such changes. DDOT had concluded that Connecticut Avenue was the best site for a north-south bike lane in Upper Northwest but now suggests they will be looking into the best site for such bike infrastructure. There are more questions than answers about specific plans for Connecticut Avenue and north-south bike infrastructure as we consider the budget.  

WMATA – Government Witnesses (May 2)

Better Bus Network: In today’s hearing, WMATA representatives said we can expect to see the Better Bus Network plan by next week. I asked what the feedback and development process would look like, and they explained a layered approach. They will begin with an improved network based on expected funding, but that will lack a plan for covering the elimination of the Circulator. We need to have a plan in place for that more quickly. They indicated additional improvements to the initial plan would be rolled out in tandem with gathering feedback from the public. I admitted to the representatives this seemed less than straightforward, but that I would do my best to share their information to gather feedback from Ward 3 residents. 

Western Bus Garage: I asked again about the Western Bus Garage, which I described as an opportunity that’s currently sitting as a giant hole in the middle of Friendship Heights. WMATA said a lack of resources limits them from even entering the planning phase. I encouraged them to stay engaged and that we begin conversations about what the future of this site could entail.

What's Next

Tomorrow, May 3, the Committee of the Whole Hearing will hold a hearing on the FY25 Budget Package, during which more than 300 people will testify as we focus on:

- FY 2025 Local Budget Act of 2024

- FY 25 Federal Portion Budget Request Act of 2024

- FY 25 Budget Support Act of 2024

- FY24 Revised Local Budget Emergency Adjustment Act of 2024

News from My Constituent Services Team

I’m so proud of the work my staff in Constituent Services does every day. Residents are always welcome to contact my office by calling 202-724-8062 or emailing fruminoffice@dccouncil.gov. Our team can then assist with direct concerns people may have, connect them with government services, and more. My staff is regularly tackling a variety of issues for residents across Ward 3. A few topics that have come to our office recently include:

Temperatures Inside Residential Buildings: The District requires apartment buildings to turn on air conditioning no later than May 15; however, they may turn on air conditioning earlier when exterior temperatures require it. When temperatures rise, we encourage residents to ask the owners/operators of their housing to turn on the air conditioning so people can be safe and comfortable in their homes. (For two-pipe HVAC systems, buildings have until June 1.) If people suspect their building is not complying with turning on the A/C, they can submit a housing inspection form through the Department of Buildings.

Protests at the Israeli Embassy: First Amendment activity around the embassy is evolving. The Executive Office of the Mayor is engaged, though protection of rights and enforcement of restrictions is still led by the Secret Service with MPD in a supporting role. Please contact my office if you experience issues related to the protests, such as a blocked sidewalk.

Mopeds: Some people have experienced increased moped traffic on DC streets and are seeking more information. Mopeds must be registered with the DMV, operated by a licensed driver, and fully insured. Parking mopeds on the sidewalk outside of Downtown is allowed. The Moped Registration Accountability Amendment Act of 2024, recently introduced in the Council, would make sellers and renters of mopeds responsible for registration requirements.

Zoo Bus Parking: We are aware of some idling tour buses outside of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park and we are working to address the issue so buses do not obstruct traffic and pollute the corridor. The zoo does have a process for bus parking and drop-off. If you see a bus idling for an extended period of time, you can report it to parking enforcement by calling 311.

Wilson Aquatic Center: DGS testified at the April 10 Budget Oversight Hearing that the target date for re-opening the pool is Memorial Day weekend. This week, my office followed up to confirm whether the reopening is on track, and I will update residents through social media and my newsletter when we have an answer.

Updates from DDOT

The District Department of Transportation has issued a Notice of Intent to convert Lowell Street NW, between 34th Street and 33rd Place NW, to one-way westbound. Currently, the intersection is signalized, with movements allowed from all approaches. The intersection of 33rd Place and Lowell Street NW operates with all-way stop control, where vehicles on southbound 33rd Place and eastbound Lowell Street must stop (south of the intersection is one-way southbound). In support of the District’s commitment to Vision Zero, DDOT conducted an engineering study to develop recommendations to improve safety for all users at the intersection. DDOT determined that this conversion would improve safety conditions. The study indicates that rerouted traffic can be accommodated on nearby streets and will allow arrival and dismissal operations for John Eaton Elementary School to take place on the passenger side. Comments are due to kelly.jeong-olson1@dc.gov by May 31.

As part of DDOT's efforts to improve and restore local sidewalks, construction activities are occurring at the following locations through May 10:

- 38th Street NW between Fessenden and Garrison streets NW 

- 44th Street NW between Alton Place and Albemarle Street NW 

- Albemarle Street NW between 42nd Street and Alton Place NW 

- Brandywine Street NW between 47th and 48th streets NW 

- Fessenden Street NW between Chevy Chase Parkway and 38th Street NW 

- Military Road NW between 42nd Place and 43rd Street NW


Last week the Metro Board of Directors approved its $4.8 billion capital and operating budgets, which maintains bus and rail service levels. Continuing to provide proper transit services for customers is important for the District’s residents, workers, and visitors. That’s why DC, Maryland, and Virginia stepped up to provide hundreds of millions of dollars to help close the FY25 budget gap WMATA was facing earlier this year. Keeping fares in line with inflation, customers will see a 12.5% fare increase.

WMATA will present its proposed 2025 Better Bus Network next week and host events where residents can learn about the proposed network, ask questions, and provide feedback. There will also be opportunities to testify at a public hearing and an online tool for the network and feedback. I will send updates through my newsletter and social media, and you can sign up for direct Better Bus updates from WMATA.

WMATA is also seeking information on how you use Metro through two surveys: one for rail service and one for bus service.

Last month, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Board of Directors and the WMATA Board of Directors announced they would launch a new, joint initiative to develop a unified vision for transit service in the region. This unified group will focus on a regional initiative to secure dedicated funding for our public transportation system. 

Interest Survey for Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi Rides

The Department of For-Hire Vehicles is implementing a pilot program to increase wheelchair-accessible taxicabs in the District this summer. The department’s goal is to improve accessibility options for wheelchair users to move about the city by introducing a platform to book on-demand taxi rides based on the caller’s location. We should have transportation options for everyone, regardless of physical abilities.

Take the Survey

Bike to Work Day

The annual Bike to Work Day returns on Friday, May 17. Sign up to drop by a pitstop near you – the Ward 3 spot is Cathedral Heights at Conte’s Bike Shop – and bike through the District. Even if you work from home, you can use this opportunity to take advantage of some of the great bike infrastructure that currently exists in the city. Participating locations will have free giveaways, food, and beverages while supplies last. 


Old People Are Cool

Last month, the Council unanimously passed my ceremonial resolution declaring May as Old People Are Cool Month. I presented this resolution to the Forest Hills of DC community today in recognition of their and Linked Senior’s commitment to advancing the welfare and perception of seniors in the whole of the District. Old People Are Cool Month coincides with Older Americans Month, a nationwide celebration of seniors.

Nonprofit Security Grant Program Now Open

The FY24 Nonprofit Security Grant Program application period is open for 501(c)3 organizations in the DC area. This grant is for target hardening and other physical security for nonprofits at risk of terrorism and other attacks. DC had 56 successful applications in FY23, and DC Homeland Security Emergency Management administers this program on behalf of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Learn More

Matt on the Move

I hope you were able to experience some of this year’s Filmfest DC events. I enjoyed opening night at the French Embassy, where I met with Tony Gittens, the founder and director of the festival.

I joined the students and staff at Eaton Elementary to kick off Earth Day celebrations, where it was inspiring to see young minds eager to care for our planet. Let's sow the seeds of environmental stewardship early, ensuring a brighter future for all. Today and every day is an opportunity to learn and act for a greener tomorrow.

Last weekend the Endangered Animals Art Project unveiled 10 more sculptures along Connecticut Avenue NW, including this mountain lion by Davide Prete. This project is a partnership between Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, Cleveland Park Main Street, and Woodley Park Main Street. It’s financed by the DC Commission on Arts and the Humanities, ANC3C, Cleveland Park Community Association, Woodley Park Community Association, and others.

Have a Ward 3 Service Request?

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests you may have. My Constituent Services team is here to help.

Submit a Constituent Services Request

Government & Community Calendar

Advisory Neighborhood Commission Meetings

  • ANC3A: Tuesday, May 14, 7 pm, at the McLean Gardens Ballroom and Zoom 
  • ANC3B: Thursday, May 9, 7 pm, Zoom
  • ANC3C: Monday, May 20, 7 pm, Zoom 
  • ANC3D: Wednesday, June 5, 7 pm, Zoom    
  • ANC3E: Thursday, May 9, 7:30 pm, Zoom 
  • ANC3F: Tuesday, April 23, 7 pm, Zoom  
  • ANC3/4G: Monday, May 13, 6 pm, at Chevy Chase Community Center and Zoom
Find Your ANC Here

There will be an eCycle DC collection event from 9 am to 1 pm on Sunday, May 12, at the Palisades farmers market (MacArthur Boulevard and 48th Place NW).

My next Workday in the Ward will be on Thursday, May 23, in Van Ness.

At-Large Councilmember Robert White will hold community office hours for Ward 3 from 1 to 3 pm on Thursday, May 30, at Cleveland Park Library.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s newsletter. If you have thoughts about what else you would like to see in these email updates and our social media, please directly contact tcogan@dccouncil.gov.

Councilmember Matt Frumin

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Suite 408


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