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4 Pillars of FTR 
Look for updates on our "Four Pillars" each month:  Fitness, Nutrition, Community Service, and Artistic Expression.  Using these elements, FTR members grow strong.  Comments? Suggestions? Contact newsletter editor Sarah Kappos at 
FTR Scores Big in D.C. with National SCORE Award

On September 15 th, FTR founder Ian Acker accepted the National Community Impact Award from the SCORE Foundation, a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Association. The black tie gala wa s held in the US Chamber of Commerce building in Washington D.C. It took an audience of 300 to get Ian out of shorts and into a tux, but he spoke well and from the heart to all of those in attendance. 
To be recognized for his community impact is a dream long in the making for this ambitious young man.

"We are so proud to be recognized for our hard work and unique resource as a small nonprofit," says Ian Acker. 

In 2015 alone, SCORE mentors helped 55,000 small businesses open their doors in all 50 states. FTR is honored at having the most impact on its community and most grateful to Doug McNeil, our SCORE mentor who helped launch FTR. Doug is now a member of our Board of Directors. Thanks also to MassMutual who presented the award to Fit To Recover.

About The SCORE Foundation: The mission of The SCORE Foundation is to support and leverage the work of SCORE by soliciting, investing and managing resources for the benefit of SCORE. Learn more abou t The SCORE Foundation at .

David R. Bobbitt, President of the SCORE Foundation said, "This year's SCORE Award winners and American Small Business Championship finalists epitomize the positive impact of the 55,000 new businesses that SCORE mentors help to create each year. These main street businesses enliven their communities, create jobs and inspire others to pursue their goals. We congratulate these honorees, and indeed all small business owners who take the leap and follow their dreams."

About SCORE: Since 1964, SCORE has helped more than  10 m illion aspiring entrepreneurs to start and grow their small businesses. Each year, SCORE's 10,000+ volunteer business experts provide 350,000+ free and low-cost small business mentoring services, workshops and education to clients. In 2015, SCORE mentors in 300 chapters volunteered 2.2+ million hours to help create over 45,000 jobs and 55,000 small businesses.

Please consider a generous gift to FTR today. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us expand our recovery services with more opportunities for creative expression, community service, and nutrition.  We are growing quickly and we are excited to offer our ambitious community every tool for success!
Fitness: Body Transformation Challenge
Sometimes going to the gym can feel like another Mundane Monday.  It can also be frustrating to show up to the gym without seeing the results you hope to achieve. 
You come to the gym so you can move better, feel better, and look better.

Just in time for your New Year's resolutions starting this January, we are kicking off our Body Transformation Challenge.  You decide your goals, we will help with accountability and programming.  At FTR we have many knowledgeable trainers and nutritionists at your fingertips. This is an invitation to utilize the resources right at your fingertips!
Look for new class times!  Registration will start in December.  No extra charge for members.  

Creative Arts:   Open Mic Poetry

Over the course of 6 short weeks, students of River Writing were  transformed into poets, and most importantly, confidants.  The energy was warm and vigrating at FTR's first Poetry From the River public reading.  Hosted by local business Rimini Coffee downtown, the atmosphere rich and intimate, just like a cup of coffee with a close friend.
We laughed and cried and felt amazed at the untapped talent lying dormant. These people whom had never fancied themselves writers, or performers held their audience captive and left everyone hungry for the next round of River Writing.

Our session is currently underway, and has begun with a bang!  The next Poetry From the River Event will be held on December 3rd.  Look for details regarding this inspirational evening.  The next session of River Writing will begin after the holidays.

Nutrition: Harmon's Workshop 
We had an amazing time with 7 FTR members that came for the event at Harmons City Creek in downtown SLC!

Laura Holtrop-Kohl, the dietitian at Harmons did an incredible job and the tour of the store was extremely informative. There were great nutrition/food questions that members asked and the entire experience was very interactive between the FTR group and Laura.

There was a food demo/tasting of two delicious recipes:
    1. Tomato Peach Basil Salad
    2. Avocado and White Bean Chipotle Wraps
Participants in the group enjoyed tips from a leading locally-owned grocer. to help build smart shopping skills and make food shopping easier and less overwhelming.
Harmon's promotes a very balanced and whole foods approach when selecting foods. It is common in recovery to switch addictions to food, or to develop a disordered relationship with food. Thus, FTR encourages members to avoid processed foods, "low-fat or low-cal foods" and highly caffeinated products, while recognizing that carbs aren't the enemy and simple, healthy budget-friendly meals are possible.  

Thank you Harmon's and Laura Holtrop-Kohl for hosting Fit to Recover!  We are so grateful for your time and expertise.
The next Food To Recover workshop is about  Canning and Food Preservation  facilitated by Miss Patrice.  It is on Saturday October 28th at 11:30 a.m. directly following Bootcamp.

A young girl in her new dress donated by the volunteers at Selfless September
Community Service:  Selfless September Clothing Drive Is an Overwhelming Success

In her first ever solo mission, Rachel Santizo rose to the occasion with all the heart and passion she is known for.  As the Community Service coordinator she strives to bring help to those who need it most.  
During the cold Utah winter, this is our homeless population.  Her goal was to arm them with blankets, coats, tarps, backpacks and shoes to help them make it through this harsh time.
FTR's community came through with gusto and open arms full of donations.  With over 30 volunteers helping organize and disperse items, the impact made by this event was magnificent! 
Because of it's success, it was quickly decided that Selfless September would become and annual event.  Look for more opportunities to help Rachel be of service during the holidays.  She is sure to do something powerful!
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