Fit To Recover Goes To Africa!
April Newsletter
April was a strong month for FTR.  May will be no different. We are Strong and Getting Stronger! Please contact me if you have FTR stories and/or testimonials: Sarah Kappos, newsletter editor,
FTR Africa Outreach
Ian running
There's now a little piece of FTR in Africa. Six villages of the Kusungo District in northern Malawi were the grateful recipients of three huge suitcases full of donated clothes, thanks to the mighty efforts of FTR Volunteer Coordinator Rachel Santizo and the generosity of dozens of FTR members.
The four pillars of the FTR mission - exercise, nutrition, service and creativity -- have become so engrained that a family vacation to visit Ian's sister Tessa turned into an FTR outreach celebration in Malawi. Tessa, who helped develop FTR's Food To Recover last summer, now works for the Clinton Development Initiative, bringing nutrition and agriculture knowledge to rural farm villages. Here, people live for the rains. They have no running water, electricity or transportation. But they have joy. They have song, dance, laughter and the brightest of souls, and now, thanks to FTR, they have new clothes. Thank you FTR!
Tess and Anita
donate clothes

Photos from top left: A young village man shows off his new FTR shirt and shoes; Ian leads a bootcamp run; Tessa laughs with a woman from the village; FTR Africa bootcamp; sharing FTR clothing with the village; checking out the village garden.

We Love LUGU and LUGU Loves FTR!

FTR came in 3rd place during the  Love Utah Give Utah Fundraiser!  What a huge gain in support and recognition for our little gym which has been up and running barely 1 year.

Thank you from the bottom of our gym shoes to everyone who contributed both large and small. Every donation added to our total number of 288 donors, and that's what this fundraiser is all about. The Nicholas Zurn Fund of the Utah Community Foundation MATCHED all funds raised by FTR during LUGU, nearly $6,000. With our $3,000 award FTR earned nearly $15,000 in the one day giving event!!

We had a visit from the Salt Lake Tribune during the afternoon while we were grinding out push-ups, squats and earning donations. They  did a spotlight story on us and we were on the front page!  You can read the article here.
Spotlight:  Georgia Gregersen

This beautiful lady is our new Operations Manager!

We owe our success during LUGU to her tireless efforts to keep donations flowing and our gym organized. She has 10 years of experience in office administration.   
As a woman in recovery, she brings a deep empathy for our population. She is overjoyed to serve a community working so hard, as she is herself. 
Georgia loves piglets, ketchup and dancing a little Irish jig when she gets excited!
Welcome to Team FTR, Miss Gregersen!
FTR to Compete at TSC

Congratulations to all FTR competitors. 
Every October and April we participate in the Tactical Strength Challenge, a worldwide competition that has 3 events: Max Deadlift, Max Strict Pull-ups, and a grueling 5-minute Kettlebell Snatch test. 
Our athletes have exercised tenacity and practiced their discipline by showing up every Saturday at 8:30 a.m. for a specific TSC class. Using individual training programs, they have shown improvement in all 3 events. We look forward to participating again in October and hope you will join us! Stop by the gym and ask James for details.
New FTR Board Member:  
John Parrish

Here at FTR we affectionately refer to John Parrish as our "Homie," because even though he's run a multi-million dollar organization, he's here with us on the ground to help out where needed. We are privileged to receive his wise insight and guidance as we grow larger to serve more people in recovery.

John recently retired as President of Midwest Floor Coverings Inc. and also just stepped down as the Board Chair of the Fourth Street Clinic where he served on the Board in various capacities for nine years. The Fourth Street Clinic provides free primary medical care for the homeless population of Salt Lake City. 
Enthusiasm for our work can be seen in his sparkly eyes every time he stops by the gym.  
Special thanks to our Champion donors:
The George S. and Dolores D. Eccles Foundation
The Sorenson Legacy Foundation
Cold Creek Behavioral Health
Elevated Billing
Nicholas Zurn Scholarship Fund
Renaissance Ranch Outpatient
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