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4 Pillars of FTR 
Look for updates on our "Four Pillars" each month:  Fitness, Nutrition, Community Service, and Artistic Expression.  Using these elements, FTR members grow strong.  Comments? Suggestions? Contact newsletter editor Sarah Kappos at 
FTR Wins "People's Choice" Award at
Annual GIVE Salt Lake Event

GIVE Judges present award to Fit To Recover, after Ian Acker "pitched"
the FTR nutrition bar in a "Shark Tank" like format.

GIVE Salt Lake is an annual event sponsored by the Forever Young Foundation and dozens of corporations where nonprofits, for-profits, and donors come together to accelerate positive change in the world. It could not have been more fitting that Ian Acker would be given the People's Choice award by those in attendance. The integrity of his message is palpable. It is clear, he means what he says and he believes in what he is doing. Positive energy is contagious and he attributes the success of Team FTR to this passionate mindset.Click HERE to see Ian's award-winning presentation.
To order your FTR Nutrition Bars (box of 12 bars for $26), developed by FTR's registered dietitians, email us at All proceeds benefit FTR to help more people in recovery.

Fitness:  New Sunday Yoga,  
Thanksgiving Workout and Food Drive
Kettle bells and weights are hard work!  FTR is pleased to offer a gentle balance to this work with the practice of Yoga.  There is a new class on Sundays at 10 am.  All are welcome to come stretch and breath with our new instructor, Sean Hartley.

Also remember, we have  Yoga on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm with the fabulous Sarita Naidu!

At FTR we have so much to be grateful for.   Join us in celebrating all that we are on Thanksgiving Day 10 am for an invigorating workout before the feast!  Ours is an ambitious community of passionate people. Within our little gym, we grow stronger each time we show up and work hard.  
Bring a can of food for donation to  the Utah Food Bank on Thanksgiving Day and help us fill the shelves for the holidays.
Creative Arts:  Fresh Paint 

The Kid Room is getting a face lift.  Look for your chance to add a brush stroke to delight our children.  FTR is a place for families to thrive, and many mothers take advantage of this supportive space by bringing their children.  The Tuesday/Thursday NOON Class is especially kid friendly. We are amassing an army of mighty mothers!

We have two ongoing art projects at Fit To Recover.  There are three paintings in process upstairs, slated for donation to the VOA Adult Detox and USARA.  FTR appreciates both of these organizations for their enduring service to the recovery community.  We are happy to give these original art pieces as tokens of our gratitude.
"The more hands involved in these paintings the better,"  says Creative Arts director Sarah Kappos.
"It makes the surface rich with meaning both visually and conceptually."

Upcoming Poetry Reading on December 3rd!
Details to come next month
Nutrition: Fall Workshops
Put all that good fruit to use this Fall!

Last Saturday FTR hosted a fun and informative canning workshop.  We put that last harvest  from the garden when the weather cooled down to good use! Preserving the taste of summer, Patrice Carmody taught us all about canning and food preservation. Of course we all know we need to eat our veggies, and here is one more way to make a healthy diet sustainable year-round.  Thank you Patrice!
SAVE THE DATE for the November 19 Food To Recover Workshop, Grateful Thoughts and Healthy Recipes: Mindful Eating for the Holidays.

Our nutritionists are available for one on one consultations in conjunction with our upcoming FTR Transformation.  Look for sign ups next month! We start our work in January just in time for New Year's goals.

Community Service:  Chili Cook Off with Better Weigh Lifestyles,
Thanksgiving Food Drive

FTR is collaborating with A Better Weigh Lifestyles in a chili cook off on November the 12th at 1 pm in Pioneer Park 423 W. 300 S. in Salt Lake City.  A Better Weigh Lifestyles is a local business whose aim is to provide meal programs for health conscious, community-minded individuals.  FTR is happy to partner with folks who share our ambition toward health.  

Chili Cook Off Facebook Event

Rachel Santizo is also doing her monthly Feed the Streets outreach with Legacy Initiative on Saturday the 5th of November at 1 pm at Pioneer Park.

Bring a can of food to Thanksgiving Day workout on Thursday Nov. 24th at 10 a.m. Help fill the pantries of those in need this holiday season. 

Stock up on FTR - A great charitable giving strategy!

Fit To Recover sincerely appreciates, and relies on, end-of-tax-year donations to continue to grow and to serve more members. One giving strategy that is helpful for FTR, and under many circumstances, for the donor as well, is to give Fit To Recover stock that you own that has increased in value over time. Donating the stock to FTR, rather than selling the stock and donating cash, can offer you tax savings.
Here's an example:
Stock : Facebook (FB)
Buy 100 shares @ $28 on 1/2/13
Your cost
Stock value on 10/29/16
100 shares @ $130
Value to FTR if stock sale proceeds or stock is donated to FTR
Taxable Profit if 100 shares are sold ($13,000-$2,800)
Long Term Capital Gains on $10,200
Taxed @ 15%
Tax benefit to you of $13,000 donation if your tax bracket is 28%
If you buy, then sell and donate cash
$ 2,110
If you buy, don't sell, but transfer shares to FTR
None since shares aren't sold
In this example, if shares are transferred rather than sold, Fit To Recover receives the same charitable contribution ($13,000) but the donor receives an additional tax benefit of $1,530.  Please check with your personal tax advisor to see if transferring stock to maximize your charitable giving is right for you, since individual circumstances vary. In most cases, the stock transfer is cost-free, simple, and quickly accomplished.  For more details on how to transfer appreciated stocks to FTR, please  email us .

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