2023 - 2024
Frozen Five #3 & 3.5
Friday, January 5 -
Saturday, January 6, 2024
Due to predicted snow on Sunday, Frozen Five #3 & 3.5 will run Friday & Saturday ONLY. Sunday we will be CLOSED. We strongly urge people who were signed up for Sunday and still wish to shoot, to switch to Friday if possible - since Saturday will be EXTREMELY busy.

NOTE: If you previously registered for Saturday or Sunday, and you wish to now shoot on Friday, please go into your ScoreChaser registration and change the day you are planning to shoot. Saturday will be extremely busy, so if you can do it, switching to Friday would be a good plan since it will be the lightest day. If you can't shoot Friday or Saturday, please go in and cancel your registration in ScoreChaser. Please bring your own lunch on Friday, or plan to grab lunch at one of the many options near the range.

GOLF CARTS: If you rented a golf cart for Sunday, your golf cart rental has been cancelled. You will need to go in to select either Friday or Saturday Golf Cart Rental instead (found in Amenities on your ScoreChaser registration). They may be already sold out.

The events are the same for all days. This shoot will consist of two, 100 target NSCA registered events: a 100 target Main (Frozen Five #3) and a second Main event type event (Frozen Five #3.5). The course will be open 8am - 3pm all days. You can shoot either event first. Please, no mixed event squads...please have everyone on your squad shoot the same event at the same time and please do not shoot both events at the same time.

To register, please register on On ScoreChaser, if you have an NSCA number, please type it into the NSCA ID field (and press enter) when registering - it will automatically pull all your information from the NSCA database and load your class information. Please be sure to select the day you are shooting to help us with a food count (once you click the event you are registering for, it gives you the Option of Friday or Saturday). If you use ScoreChaser to register for events outside of Maine, please use ScoreChaser to register for our events.

Lunch will be served both Saturday. If you are shooting on Friday, please bring your own lunch or plan to grab lunch at one of the many options nearby.

We have plenty of ammo for sale at all of our events.

See you Friday and Saturday for Frozen Five #3 & 3.5.

NSCA Registered 100 Bird
Main Event. 8am - 3pm.
European Start - no pre-squadding, you will squad yourself. 

NSCA Registered 100 Bird
Second Main event. 8am - 3pm.
European Start - no pre-squadding, you will squad yourself.
Each Event:$65 Adult / $55 Junior

Individual events will be registered, NOT the Frozen Five series itself.

Payment by cash or check ONLY.

Lunch is provided Saturday only.
Register on 
If registering by email, please include: 1. Name(s). 2. NSCA Number(s) 3. Day(s) you will shoot, and 4. Event(s) you will shoot. The events are European start - no pre-squadding - you will squad yourself. Please, no registrations by text or phone!

Please allow 48 hours for response to your registration email, and please do not send multiple emails.
Complete prize information will be available shortly - we are still working out the details and will announce the information on our webpage.
Please be flexible. We will make changes to the schedule based on weather. Plan is Saturday & Sunday but if there is bad weather predicted we may change to Friday & Saturday or postpone. For the Frozen Five Series, it is our intention to postpone the shoot in the event of heavy rain or snow. We will make the decision no later than 2pm on the Thursday before the shoot. Any weather postponement information will be posted on our webpage and also sent out via email. When you register for the event, please make sure we have your current email address so you will get notified.
Our final scores will be posted on 

If you are already signed up for an event but can’t shoot (or know that a squad mate isn’t going to show), please email to let us know. We greatly appreciate your help with this.

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For more info, please email