Behind the scenes at Vision Coaching, we’ve been working hard over the last couple of years developing a new coaching curriculum.

I have to be honest – there have been many times when I have wondered if it was worth it. 

As every entrepreneur and leader knows, launching a new product or service is a demanding, nerve-wracking and all-consuming endeavor. There were many times where I didn’t know where to turn, and I was far from certain on the outcome. 

We’re delighted to be working with the United Way, Saint John Kings & Charlotte to offer a two-day Coach Approach workshop in Saint John in May.

The in-person workshop, to be held over two days on May 15 and May 29, is designed to equip you and your teams with the modern skills and tools needed to drive empowerment through your organization, increasing engagement and effectiveness.

This program will be an introduction to a pragmatic coaching model that helps you build your coaching skills as well as providing opportunities for practice and feedback. It includes six hours of hands-on practicum sessions. 

Subsidized seats are available for non-profit organizations and businesses thanks to the support of the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour and the United Way.

Opportunities are limited so act today. For additional information and to register, visit the event page on Eventbrite or contact Chelsie Nightingale at

I’m delighted to announce that Tekena Ikoko has joined the Vision Coaching roster. 

With more than 2,300 hours of coaching experience, Tekena has a Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation. He is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Tiny Habits Certified Coach, leadership consultant, public speaker and author of 17 books.

Tekena leads with empathy as a catalyst to help clients better understand themselves and find their way forward. He is adept at working with leaders to recognize blind spots, unravel complex problems, and divine their own solutions. 

With more than a decade of experience in coaching, he has empowered leaders to build executive presence, navigate conflict, and maneuver difficult conversations. “I see you – no judgments!” he’ll often say.

Craig Estabrooks, the energetic President and CEO of the Port Saint John, joins the Boiling Point podcast to talk about how his fast-growing organization motivates its employees and positively impacts economic growth for the community.

The episode lifts the curtain on how port cities work, how leadership plays a key role in infrastructure and supply chain growth, and staying focused on the good for the community.

Watch or listen via the Boiling Point podcast webpage.
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