August 2021
MESSAGE FROM DAVE: All in the family
As the threat of COVID recedes where I live, my family and I were overjoyed to be able to welcome my parents for a visit for the first time since the pandemic began.

My folks live more than 6,500 kilometres away, which means visits are special occasions in any event. But the reunion at the airport was especially emotional, with our children getting extra tight hugs.

I couldn’t help but think similar scenes were playing themselves out throughout the globe. During their visit, I tried to clear as much off the calendar as possible to be with them but there was one engagement in particular I needed to deliver.

Mary Ellen Veale joins the Vision Coaching roster
I’m so very pleased to share with our friends and colleagues that Mary Ellen Veale, a co-founder of Vision Coaching and my partner in life, has joined the Vision Coaching roster as a coach.

I’m very proud to make this announcement for so many reasons but particularly because I might never have become a leadership coach if it wasn’t for her encouragement 16 years ago. Indeed, Vision Coaching would not exist today without her.

Mary Ellen earned her graduate certificate in Executive Coaching from the International Coaching Federation-credentialled Royal Roads University earlier this year, and I couldn’t be happier that she chose to join our top-flight coaching roster.

Exploring the 'coaching paradox'
Thought leader and author Seth Godin recently wondered aloud why top performers in sports and so many other endeavours have coaches – but in the business world they are the exception.

He calls it A Coaching Paradox

“It turns out that the people with the potential to benefit the most from a coach are often the most hesitant precisely because of what coaching involves,” he wrote in a recent blog post.

“Talking about our challenges. Setting goals. Acknowledging that we can get better. Eagerly seeking responsibility…And yet we avert our eyes and hesitate. It might be because having a coach might be interpreted as a sign of weakness. And what if we acknowledge our challenges but fail to overcome them?”

He goes on to explain that one company he admires believes in coaches so much that it has put several on staff for the benefit of its leadership team. He goes on, though, to discuss the various reasons leaders are reluctant to embrace coaching. 

A big one is a hesitancy to ask for help.

“The paradox is that the very things that hold us back,” he concludes, “are the reasons we need a coach in the first place.”
Virtual team building employees actually enjoy
Sean Hoff and his team at Moniker Partners built a business around creative corporate retreats worldwide. Then the pandemic descended, rapidly gutting his business.

Within weeks, they shifted to help companies to virtually enabled experiences to help companies keep employees engaged and entertained in a highly stressful time.

One of the organizations that called for help was NASA. The U.S. space agency was frantic to find a way to connect and engage 700 young interns who suddenly were left with a remote-based internship.

Sean shared his insights with me and my Boiling Point podcast co-host Greg Hemmings in a recent episode. Watch or listen in here.
The cure for loneliness
Being a leader can be an incredibly lonely experience at times.

If anyone knows this it is Dr. Bill Howatt, my friend and a Vision Coaching colleague.

A respected leader with more than three decades of experience and expertise in human resources, leadership, addictions and mental wellness, Bill is a man who has faced incredible struggles throughout his life and persevered. With dogged determination and tireless work ethic, he has not only overcome but accomplished a great deal.

His latest is a new best-selling book, The Cure for Loneliness: How to Feel Connected and Escape Isolation. The book shows you how to unlock mental traps – negative thoughts, like insomnia, anxiety, and depression – and to build authentic connections.
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