August, 2019
It's Labor Day Weekend already! August has always been big in the Grummer family. Mom's birthday (she just turned 94!), Dad's birthday and their August anniversary meant continual celebrations capped off with a 3-day weekend.

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Happy papermaking!

Kim Grummer
Abaca comes in sheet form and is sold by the pound. Unbleached abaca retains its natural color with creamy white to tan fibers and flecks of brown.
This sampler offers a small amount of the most popular fibers for experimenting and learning more about the world of paper making.
A Bit About ABACA
What is abaca, and why do papermakers use it? As an individual fiber, abaca is longer and stronger than most. It's useful for dimensional pieces like bowls and vessels to maintain form.

Blender papermakers can add a small piece, 1" x 1" for example, to recycled paper pulp in the blender to make handmade sheets stronger.

Studio papermakers like Hannah Bennett often use a 'hollander beater' to create whole works of art from abaca alone. A process called 'overbeating' turns abaca fibers into a translucent sheet that shrinks as it dries.

If you're a studio artist or share studio space, you'll save a bundle on a bale , at the lowest price of the year. Sorry, no free shipping on a bale.

Mel Kolstad is a mixed media artist. Her piece includes honey comb chambers made with unbleached abaca prepared in a blender.
Paper artist Hannah Bennett created this prize- winning bowl with unbleached abaca using a hollander beater. Abaca fiber helps the bowl maintain its form.
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