Dear Friend,

This holiday season is very special, as the pandemic continues to affect our lives in all areas including the abundance and prosperity of many. To help more people thrive and prosper during this extraordinary time, Master Mu has generously offered to do another Free Remote Healing session for our beloved global community this Saturday, Dec. 19th, from 11:11 AM to 12:12 PM Pacific Time.
Again, it is going to be a remote healing session, not a class, and you get to join us at the comfort of your own home. What you need to do in order to receive the benefits is to relax and tune in mentally and energetically and follow the instruction from us after you have signed up.
Click HERE to sign up! 

Free Remote Healing Event
Date: Saturday, December 19th
Time: 11:11 AM to 12:12 PM Pacific Time 
  • Releasing Negativity & What's No Longer Serving You:
Emotions, Energy, Stuff, or Relationships

  • Clearing Feng Shui in Your Home & Heart to Bring in
Positive Energy & Abundance for a Great New Year

Click HERE to sign up. 

After you've signed up, we will email you the instruction on what to do to maximize your benefits. Please note that you will need to reply to that email with some basic information to be fully registered by 10:10 PM on 12/18 in order to deepen your connection with Master Mu during the Free Healing Session.
Please note: If you are a registered student in Program 2: Monthly Empowerment Program on Mastering Qi for more Prosperity & Abundance, you are automatically included in this remote healing and thus you do not need to sign up again for yourself (but can forward this email to your friends). In case you are also wondering why you should continue paying tuition as a student in the program since Master Mu is doing the remote healing for the public free of charge anyway, please be reminded that you are receiving a lot more as a registered student in this program: Master Mu is doing Energy Healing Transmission for you every day throughout the day during the 3rd and 4th weeks of the month. In addition, you will get to learn powerful practices at the webinar this Saturday Dec. 19th, and are receiving other benefits as a member of this thriving community. Master Mu has been guided by the Divine to offer these one-hour Free Remote Healing sessions to help more people in need during this unprecedented time who may not be able to join our programs. Thank you for your loving support.
You need to sign up for this one-hour Free Remote Healing session, only if you are new with us and are not a registered student in Program 2. Please feel free to check out the details of our program and submit an application if you would like to receive the full benefits of the program. Upon reviewing your application, we will let you know if you are deemed eligible and ready to participate in the program.  
Please feel free to share the info about the Free Healing with your friends by forwarding this email to them and inviting them to sign up to receive the free remote healing as well.
Note: Please check the second box only when you sign up as the first Free Healing session on the first Saturday of this month, which was Dec. 5th, has already taken place. 
Enjoy the healing! 
May you be blessed with great flow of abundance and true happiness!
Happy Holidays! 

Thank you.
With much love and light,

Mary Ho (PharmD, Retired Pharmacist)
Assistant to
Master Mu, Awardee of "Master of the Year on Health Qi Gong"
The Thriving Foundation
PureBeautiful Healing Foundation
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