FPCC is Making a Difference
FPCC volunteers, staff, guest families and alumni continue to be blessed and BE a blessing.  Read on to get these awesome updates.  And don't forget to visit our website for other events and happenings.
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Not Storage Wars- Storage SCORE!

Episcopal Church of Annunciation has been the definition of support church for this network.  In their latest round of awesomeness, they used some unexpected resources to rent a storage unit for FPCC for a year.  We have already been able to put furniture donations in it for families.  Pictured here is Carolyn Higgins, member of Annunciation, handing Louise Sterling, case manager, the keys to the unit.  If you wish to donate items to us, please email a picture and a description to donations@familypromisecobbcounty.org.

FPCC Alumni give back!

Our graduate K.H received a job in another state and moved there last month.  When she originally moved out of FPCC, the network blessed her with an entire apartment of furniture.  She called us when she knew she was moving out of state and wanted to "re-gift" all the donations back to another family in need.  Volunteers moved that furniture into the house of our newest graduate family.  K.H. expressed that she had been so blessed by our program and she wanted to be a blessing.  She also reported that she planned to contact the Family Promise in her area and become a volunteer.

Another guest, D.K., had been applying for jobs in California during her stay with us.  While D.K. did not successfully graduate from our program, she has stayed in touch with us seeking advice as she navigated continued employment interviews.  D.K. came back to the day center recently and updated us.  She had received a job offer in California and it included moving expenses.  She "re-gifted" many of the clothes and items she and her son had received but she would not be able to use in her new state.  She expressed that she wanted the FPCC network to know how grateful she was for our intervention during her period of homelessness, and for all the prayers and support we gave her. 

Upcoming Events

October 1- October 31
St. Andrew UMC Pumpkin Patch
3455 Canton Rd, Marietta, Georgia 30066
This is the 30th anniversary of the pumpkin patch at St. Andrew UMC.  All proceeds benefit the missions they support, including Family Promise.   Make sure to bring the whole family during their hours 9:30-8:00 pm Monday-Saturday or Noon-8:oo pm on Sundays.   

Friday November 6, 2015
8:00 pm at the Globe on the KSU Marietta campus
A vigil to honor those who have lived and died in homelessness.  Immediately after, a sleepout on campus to increase awareness.
To learn more, click here

November 10, 2015
FPCC volunteers closely interact with our guest families during their time in our rotational shelter.  We require our volunteers to start their journey to helping their neighbors by attending a training about our program.  Volunteer trainings are every 2nd Tuesday of the month.   The next training is scheduled for November 10, 2015 at East Cobb UMC from 7-9 pm. Our trainers , Tim Schneller, Christine Schneller and Deelee Freeman, will also provide training at your congregation or organization if needed.  Contact training@familypromisecobbcounty.org if you are interested in attending one of our sessions.