Congregational Meeting November 15

At its stated October meeting the session voted to call a Congregational Meeting via Zoom on November 15. Details regarding the exact time, zoom link, and how to vote via mail in ballot will be available next week.

The following individuals are being nominated: 
Elders, Session Class of 2024: Jessica Barnes, Marianne Cone, Paul Dimick, Jesse Joiner, Katie Lee, Susan McChesney, and Sarah Wolak

Trustee, Class of 2024: Calvin Johnson

Nominating Committee, 2021: Wesley Anne Barnes, Graves Lovell, Tracy Parsons, and Stites Whatley (and two Session members, to be determined in 2021).
Session Notes

During its Zoom on-line meeting on October 19 the Session…
· learned that income for January through September was $524,678; expenses, $547,734; and net, minus $23,055; that income for September was $43,213; expenses, $59,939; and net, minus $16,725; and that the federal PPP loan, not shown in the profit and loss report, should keep us on good footing;
· learned that the Personnel Committee suspended staff evaluations for 2020;
· approved small in-person group meetings for junior and senior high youth groups;
· approved a congregational meeting via Zoom on Sunday, November 15, for electing elders and a trustee for the Class of 2024 and a nominating committee for 2021;
· learned that nominees for elders are Jessica Barnes, Marianne Cone, Paul Dimick, Jesse Joiner, Katie Lee, Susan McChesney, and Sarah Wolak; for trustee, Calvin Johnson; for nominating committee, Wesley Anne Barnes, Graves Lovell, Tracy Parsons, Stites Whatley (and two Session members, to be determined in 2021);
· approved the addition of UKirk to groups allowed to use the courtyard during Phase 2A of reopening plan; and
· approved dates for communion in 2021: eight dates during the 11:00 and special worship services, every Sunday at the 8:30 service, and, for UKirk, every first Thursday when the university is in session.

Church members may read the complete, approved minutes for this meeting in the church office.
Drive Thru Food Drive: Success!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Fall Food Drive! And a special thank you to the college students who volunteered to gather the donations on Sunday. FPC collected over 700 pounds of food for the East Alabama Food Bank and food insecure families in our community.

Stewardship Season is upon us and we are grateful to all of those who have contributed to making the following reflections available, which we highly encourage you to take a few moments to watch: 

By now should have received a mailing with a proposed budget for 2021 and a paper pledge form, or you may submit both your Time and Talent and Financial Pledge today on our church website, (a popup window will appear, or you may go straight to the "giving" tab).

Also mailed to you recently was your quarterly stewardship statement. Please take a moment to review this document and verify that you are up-to-date on your pledged giving. The church continues to operate during this time - meeting our outreach/mission obligations, paying bills required for the upkeep of our campus, etc. However, our pledge giving is down approximately 13% year to date. If financial restrictions in this trying time have not impeded your ability to honor your pledge, please consider making certain your giving is current, if not completed as soon as possible. 
The church staff remains available to receive your 2020 pledge payments, whether you elect to mail a check to the church office, process a payment directly from your bank, or use online giving. We do need to inform you that a flat rate of two percent is deducted from each contribution made through online giving. If you choose to provide your pledge payment online, please prayerfully consider whether you are able to add an amount to help off-set the processing fee.
Virtual Lay Reader Sign Ups for November and December

Lay Readers are needed for the months of November and December. This commitment requires recording a video of yourself doing the prayer and/or Scripture reading that will be provided for you by a pastor and submitting it no later than the Friday before your assigned Sunday. We love seeing the faces of our church family members of ALL ages and are happy to offer technical help if needed!
Worship and Prayer in Phase 2A

The latest information from the Alabama Department of Public Health over the last few weeks shows a downward trend in both Covid-19 cases and positivity rate, and Lee County continues to be listed as “Low Risk.” Based on this data, our session has voted to move to Phase 2A of our Reopening Plan (see chart for details.) Included in Phase 2A are two opportunities for in person worship and prayer, outlined here.

Check out this great video by Nick Reed explaining the process.

**For worship sign-up, please sign each family member up on an individual line so we can monitor the number of participants. This will also serve as a resource if contact tracing is required later on.**

Parents of youth and children should wait to hear more information from Chris Sarkowski regarding approved gatherings for our youngest members.
Christian Education Opportunities for Adults

Study at Home:
If you or someone in your family would like to receive hard copy Sunday School materials that can be utilized at home (without a virtual component), please contact Rev. Kathy Reed. We will be doing another delivery of copies of The Present Word (winter quarter) and These Days (Oct-Dec) when we have both of these materials available.

Virtual Classes for Adults:
If you'd like to receive a zoom invitation to one of the following classes, please email the class contact person:
Old Testament Walkabout Class
Day/Time: Sundays at 8:45am
Contact: Gayle Andress,
This class will combine the historical setting material
in 2 Kings with the prophetic material in First Isaiah.

The Library Class (UPDATED)
Day/Time: Sundays at 9:30am
Contact: Harriette Huggins,
Beginning October 11, Mary Beth and Bob Webeler will begin leading the next study -
Be the Bridge: Pursuing God's Heart for Racial Reconciliation by Latasha Morrison.

Office Hours Bible Study
Day/Time: Tuesdays at 12:00pm
Contact: Kathy Reed,
This class has begun a NEW series on the book of Mark.

Bible Journaling Class
Day/Time: Thursdays at 12:00pm
Contact: Susan Fillippeli,
This class explores the practice of bible journaling while reflecting on Scripture passages recently used in our church's worship services.
UKirk is excited to welcome back college students for the new school year! Though this year’s format may look different than past ones, UKirk is still providing opportunities for fellowship with a faith community and would love to get new students involved. If you know any students attending Auburn, or another college in the area, you can refer them to UKirk with this form or email Caroline Barnett.
Opportunities to Worship 

It is our hope to worship together via our church’s YouTube Channel.  To view the service you can go directly to our church’s YouTube Channel via your computer, smartphone, or Smart TV app ( or you can access the worship service through our website or Facebook page. Knowing we are at the mercy of technology, we appreciate your patience and grace if all does not go according to plan. Attached you will find a bulletin for this Sunday’s service.

Sunday Worship now on 99.9FM
We wanted to let everyone know that we found out that the radio station for our Sunday worship service is being moved to station 99.9 FM. If you all know of anyone who listens to our worship service on the radio please reach out to them and let them know of this change.
CE News

Children Pre-K through 5th grade
Two Sundays a month we will have Zoom Sunday school classes taught by our fabulous Sunday school teachers.

Pre-K through 1st grade will be from 9:45 – 10 am
2nd through 5th grade will be from 10:15 – 10:30 am
November 8 and 22
December 6 and 20

Also, once a month all Pre-K through 5th graders will gather for a Zoom Fellowship time.

Jr. and Sr. High Youth
We have moved into Phase 2A!
Jr. Highs will meet this Sunday in the church courtyard from 5 until 5:45pm. Please enter through the gate entrance on Thach. Bring a chair. Masks are required.

Sr. Highs will meet in the Sarkowski's backyard from 6 until 7pm. Please come down the driveway to the backyard. Bring a chair. Masks are required.

Zoom Youth Group options are available for Jr. Highs at 3pm and Sr. Highs at 7:15pm. Zoom invites will be sent out via Remind.

Meetings are all weather permitting. Keep an eye on your email for updates.

Jr. and Sr. High Youth and Parents, follow us on Instagram @fpc_auyouth

Nov. 2 - Will Arnold
Nov. 4 - Kevin Wells
Nov. 5 - Missy DuToit
Nov. 6 - Reesa Gerards, Jack Hamersky, Katie Lindsey
Nov. 7 - Luann McQueen


Nov. 4 - Larry and Luann McQueen
Nov. 5 - Paul and Trish Dimick
Prayer Concerns & Celebrations

For the time period in which our church family is worshiping virtually, our pastors have decided that prayer concerns will be shared via weekly email. These individuals will most certainly be prayed for during our Sunday worship service, but their names and specific concerns will not be shared via broadcast.

• Prayers of healing and comfort for Charles Johnson after he hurt his back last week.
• Prayers of healing and wholeness for many in our church family who are dealing with significant health and wellness issues but do not wish to be mentioned by name at the moment.
• Prayers for those in our church community and in our local community dealing with health issues related to Covid-19.
• Prayers for our nation as we approach Election Day next week.
• This Sunday during the intercessory prayer we will remember the faithful church members who have died this past year. Please continue to keep in your prayers those who grieve, especially for the families and friends of Elizabeth Davis, Joseph Peterson, Margaret Latimer, Michael Hozer, Don Bravaldo, Bill Pugh, Evelyne Burton, Marian Harrison, and Bill Fendley.

We are so excited to celebrate Rev. Caroline Barnett’s ordination and installation as minister of Word and Sacrament in the PCUSA at 11am on Sunday! We will have a special reception via zoom at 12:30pm on Sunday.  
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