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Welcome to our First Edition of FOUNDATIONS of Education. The purpose of our quarterly newsletter is to provide resources to educators, introduce best learning techniques for people with Down syndrome, and provide training and workshops so all children are successful in your classroom environment.
Down Syndrome Partners In Education
Down Syndrome Partners in Education is a partnership between the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida and the surrounding eight counties. Each county is represented by a group of individuals who act as the 'Down Syndrome Specialist' for their county. We collaborate quarterly to provide resources and tools to promote success in the school environment.  

Some of the ways we help teachers and school personnel include:

  • provide training and workshops so teachers feel supported
  • present peer presentations on Down syndrome
  • present school-wide workshops on Down syndrome
  • provide tutoring services
  • circulate resources

The current partners include: Brevard, Catholic Diocese, FDLRS, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole, Sumter, Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute at UCF, Volusia, and UCP.
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Meet Lauren!
Hi, my name is Lauren Frosch and I am the Education and Employment Specialist for the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida. I have spent my career in the education field in various capacities.  It is my passion to see that educators are equipped with the tools and resources they need for an active learning environment. I am here to help YOU!
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About the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida:
The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida, which was started by a group of visionary parents, recently celebrated their 12th anniversary as a non-profit organization. Their intent was to have a direct impact on children, families, and the community as they journeyed through life with a loved one with Down syndrome.

Since their inception, The FOUNDATION has awarded over one MILLION dollars in scholarships for educational programs, speech therapies, family assistance, and much more. Their goal is to promote inclusion, understanding, and acceptance by expanding opportunities for individuals, families, and communities touched by Down syndrome.

For more information on the Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida, their Down Syndrome Partners in Education program, scholarships, and other programs, please visit www.dsfflorida.org.
Opportunities currently offered to our members:
The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida believes that the more opportunities any individual is given, the greater their success. Every successful athlete, academic achiever, or musical prodigy has many dedicated hours of practice, study, and effort. Our goal is to provide opportunities throughout the community for individuals with Down syndrome to be involved and included - not just because it is the right thing to do, but because we know EVERYONE will benefit from it!

Check out what The FOUNDATION has to offer:
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We can work TOGETHER to help your students reach their maximum POTENTIAL by giving them OPPORTUNITIES to achieve all the SUCCESS in the world!
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