Contact: Benjamin Dunning

Denver, CO. Today, October 25th 2019 While doing routine monitoring of a sweep of 26th and Stout
Community Organizer Terese Howard of Denver Homeless Out Loud was arrested.

Terese has been regularly monitoring the procedures used by the local police department to assure they are complying with the Lyall vs Denver Class Action Lawsuit.

We here at Denver Homeless Out Loud are very concerned about the cities compliance with the settlement they agreed to. As a response , we at Denver Homeless Out Loud try to keep watch.

The arrest occurred around 8 am, for an apparent FTA (Failure to Appear). Considering Terese has regular contact with the police while monitoring these events it is odd that this issue has not come up in the past. We are gravely concerned that she is specifically being targeted in this incident.

The past couple of days Denver has had a rash of public attacks on strong female advocates for the homeless in our community. So we are further concerned that this may be coordinated on a larger scale.

This particular camp has been targeted weekly. The folks hanging on trying to survive together, have moved literally one block away for the past several weeks. These sweeps have done nothing to improve their situation and only exacerbate the struggles they endure. The madness of the cities effort to move people out of site must stop.

Denver's Camping ban must end and we must have a serious discussion about how to share public space in a safe and sane manner. Scattering people from place to place makes no sense and is costly to the citizens of this city.

Why is the city so focused for every opportunity to move poor people out of sight. There are many other items in the settlement that the city is responding to at a snail's pace. Yet every opportunity to move poor people out of sight is prioritized and pounced upon.

Video of monitoring of the sweep and arrest