Oct 5, 2022


While the MotoAmerica season ended at Barber on September 25th, the racing continues for New Jersey natives and Rodio Racing teammates Anthony Mazziotto and Gus Rodio with wildcard entries for the British Superbikes final round at Brands Hatch GP the weekend of October 14-16.

In a departure from his normal Twins class, Mazziotto will be campaigning an Affinity Sports Academy Kawasaki ZX6 in the Pirelli Junior Superstock Class, while Rodio will find familiar ground riding a Kawasaki Ninja 400 in the HEL British Junior Supersport class with SymCirrus Motorsport. Joining the teammates is another infamous New Jersey native, Brandon Paasch, who will mentor both riders using his experience from racing in BSB and winning the 2019 HEL Performance British Motostar Moto3 championship. 

"I haven't been overseas since 2015/2016, when Brandon and I kicked some butt in Assen and Silverstone in the KTM 300 series. I'm really looking forward to the full BSB experience, having a bit more power with the Kawasaki, and going head-to-head with some new competitors. I’m excited to be racing with Affinity and Leon Haslam and thankful for the opportunity," Mazziotto said.

Anthony Mazziotto aboard his Rodio Racing Aprilia RS660. Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy of Rodio Racing.

"This is going to be a great experience – I’m really excited to get my first chance to race overseas with British Superbikes. Having Brandon come out with us is pretty cool because he knows the track and his insight will be valuable. There’s going to be a lot to take in – a new track, new paddock, and even though it's the same bike, the Pirelli rubber will be different, too. I've only been able to watch videos of the track so far," Rodio quipped, "but I'm ready, and racing is racing, so I'll give the SymCirrus team everything I’ve got."

Gus Rodio aboard his Rodio Racing Kawasaki Ninja 400. Photo by Brian J. Nelson, courtesy of Rodio Racing

The team is working with current Rodio Racing partner luxeStar VIP on this wildcard opportunity. Company owner Scott Rehl has worked with racers both in MotoAmerica and British Superbikes, most notably with Brandon Paasch during his championship winning season in BSB. 

"I'm excited to once again bring US racers overseas and see how we stack up against the competition,” said Rehl. “Ever since I helped Brandon race in BSB, it's been my goal to get more US racers into international series to compete against the best racers beyond MotoAmerica. After tying in points for the MotoAmerica championship in both the Twins Cup and Junior Cup series, I am confident that Anthony and Gus will do well at Brands Hatch GP."

Also helping pave the way for the Rodio Racing teammates is long-time friend and sponsor, Geoscape Solar owner Lee Watson.  

“It is very cool,” said Watson, who was born in England and is a former racer. “Motorcycle racing has always been my passion since I was a kid, and I wanted to give back to the next generation. We are a local company, and Mazziotto and Rodio are local guys, so this is a great way to help out the young talent in New Jersey.” 

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