Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers play an integral role in Aga Khan Agency for Habitat Tajikistan’s (AKAH Tajikistan) emergency management activities in the remote regions of Tajikistan and Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO). During these uncertain times, communities are reliant on volunteers for basic supplies and medical requirements.
One such volunteer, Shirinshoev Saidimron—a 53-year-old resident and local CERT volunteer in the village of Shujand of Rushon District in GBAO Tajikistan—is working to protect his community from the spread of COVID-19. Shirinshoev and his fellow CERT volunteers have purchased fabric to sew protective masks and distribute them for free in his region. “I believe people should support each other during difficult times and contribute what they have at their disposal,” said Shirinshoev, highlighting the important role of CERT volunteers during times of distress and disaster.

Ghulomidinov Navruzshoh (pictured below), another CERT volunteer in the Rushon District, used his own resources to clean and disinfect schools in his village. He and other volunteers also distributed informational awareness materials such as booklets and posters throughout the village.
“CERT volunteers are very important especially during these hard times,” Ghulomidinov noted. “We are…providing all the necessary information that people need to manage the spread of the virus.”

Thanks to the funding provided by FOCUS USA through the generosity of donors like you, AKAH continues to deliver ongoing support and training to CERT volunteers.
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