FRM releases Bob Gluck Trio's "Returning"   
Bob Gluck Trio: 'Returning'

"Gluck's compositions are expressed with an intensity and sensitivity that is spellbinding. I cannot fully convey the attraction deeply seeded in these pieces that becomes stronger as the composition progresses" 

- Chuck Vecoli  

(Jazz Review


"swelling with energy and opening wide new vistas" 

- Michael Cz�kus

HFP (Hungary)


"when Gluck and Bisio handle their own solos, or Sharp drums in and adds a nice percussive twist to things, you know you're hearing something exceptional. In the vast world of jazz, that's saying a lot and fortunately, the Bob Gluck Trio enjoy saying many things."

- Book's Music   




Bob Gluck Trio


Bob Gluck (p), Michael Bisio (b) & Dean Sharp (d)  


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to Lofton Emenari's radio interview with Bob from June 26 (WHPK-FM, Chicago 88.5)



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        Bob Gluck Trio: "Sideways" (2008)


        Bob Gluck: "Something Quiet" (2011)      

   with Joe Giardullo and Christopher Dean Sullivan



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