FLO Community Event

Pilates, Pizza, Prosecco

Hello FLOvelies,

I have good news and I have bad news....

Unfortunately, FLO favourites Rita and Mari are off to explore new horizons... so after next week we will only see their smiling faces for cover classes :(

The good news is, jumping in to fill the Tue, Thu and Fri spots are Karen P, Lisa R and Claire W.... who are all fun, friendly, fellow-FLO-favs.

To farewell Rita and Mari... and because we just love hanging out with the FLO community... we've booked a section of The Newport for Sunday April 28th at Midday... where we'll raise a glass (or a slice) to thank Rita and Mari for all the belly-laughs, extra-bendiness, and leg-burners.

You don't need to book... just show up... and feel free to bring family/friends/tissues.

Can't wait to see all of your smiling faces soon :)


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