It's Our 6th Bday...

Well, soon enough :)

Hello FLOvelies,

Our 6th birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks... but since Gaz might be a little busy with a new arrival around then ;-p we thought we'd give you our bday gift now. Hooray!!

And this year's gift is an absolute doozey....

All of you FLOvlies seemed to just love our Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Off Sale last year... so we're bringing it back... AND we're extending it to include both our 6 Packs, and our 1 Month Unlimited Yoga & Pilates Passes... The choice is yours!

That means you can either grab a 12 Pack of Yoga & Pilates Passes for just $149.... *whispers... that's just $12 per class

Get 12 Pack Offer

Or, you can grab 2 Months of Unlimited Yoga & Pilates for just $369! (that's only $42 per week)

Get 2 Months Unlimited Offer

Both offers only activate when you book your first class, so you can always grab one now, and start later.

*(The 12 Packs have a 12 month expiry)

What a great way to load up on passes, and incentivise yourself to keep up your FLOmentum during Winter :)

They would also make a great gift for a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague ;-p

Speaking of Winter, we have a bunch of new FLO Merch... with Hoodies, Pullovers, Beanies and Long-sleeve shirts. Check them out next time you're in at reception.

Feel free to share this email with friends and family... the links above are the best way to find the deals ;)

You can also click on our Autumn Timetable below to book your next class:

And you can keep up to date with all that's happening at FLO by following us on the socials

Hope to see you all soon :)


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