Hurricane Season is Upon Us

While this news isn't new, it does remind us that now is the opportunity to review our family and our congregation/school emergency preparedness. Many resources and checklists are available to assist you in developing or reviewing your plan. 

Disaster Response Coordinators and teams serve families and neighbors to prepare in disaster times. They can also be agents of hope and the Gospel promise when needed most. If you or your ministry needs to make preparations for hurricane season, contact Jay Wendland, FLGA District Disaster Response Coordinator. 

For a complete list of home readiness steps, check out the CDC resources on their website: Preparing for a Hurricane or Tropical Storm.

Florida-Georgia Lutheran Early Response | FGLER

This new LCMS ministry is now recognized as a non-profit and partners with the FLGA and SELC Districts. They are positioned to serve congregations and communities of Florida and Georgia, especially during times of disaster. With trained and skilled chainsaw workers and early response-trained teams, FGLER will deploy during disasters to assist with tree and debris removal, mucking out, and various repairs. 

As we enter the 2023 Hurricane Season, FGLER is prepared with a shower trailer, two tool trailers, two Bobcat skid steers and can go beyond Florida and Georgia to serve. Volunteers are needed to be trained in various capacities during disasters and host the trailer throughout Florida and Georgia.

Get more information about this new ministry on their website at

LCMS Disaster Conference

September 6-8, 2023 "Walking Together in Disaster Response"

The LCMS hosts an annual Disaster Conference in the Fall. This year, Joel Mathews (FGLER board chair) will present at the conference. All are welcome. If you would like to attend, please email LCMS Disaster Response directly.