April 2023
Applications Open for Little Green Thumbs
Make learning come alive by giving students the opportunity to grow healthy food right in your classroom!

We provide a garden kit, teaching resources, training, and support to help foster hands-on, inquiry-based learning!

Gardens are living laboratories, a place where students can learn real-life STEM skills and foster 21st century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.
Alex's First Seed
A story about a little worm who helps to grow a plant. Students learn about the important role that worms play. A lesson plan and activity book are also available.

Saskatchewan Seed Kit (EN/FR)
GRADE 3 | Sci, SS
Explore 13 of SK's most common seed varieties! The kit includes 5 sets of seed samples, a lesson plan, and activities to engage your students in learning.

FarmFood360* (EN/FR)
GRADES 9 TO 12 | Sci, SS, Hlth
A series of Canadian farm and processing facility virtual tours. A teacher guide provides discussion questions to extend learning.

Classroom Presentations
GRADES K - 6 | Province-wide

One of our dynamic team members will facilitate a fun, hands-on curriculum-aligned presentation, right in your classroom! Presentations are about 1 hour and we bring all the supplies needed!
Farm & Ag Tour Bursary
GRADES 2 - 12 | Province-wide

Apply for a bus bursary to help cover travel to a farm or agri-business! We will connect you with a local farm or agri-business, OR help you visit a place you already have a connection to! Apply early, limited bursaries available!
Biotech Blast
GRADES 7 - 9 | Saskatoon & Area

A one-day program that will engage your students in science-related activities through hands-on, interactive sessions hosted by today's leaders in the fields of science and biotechnology! Space is limited, apply early!
The Great Canadian Farm Tour Season 2
GRADES 1 - 6 | Province-wide

JOIN US for TEN virtual farm tours across Canada to learn about bees, Christmas trees, potatoes & MORE! Ask farmers questions and learn about #CdnAg!
Rewatch the GCFT Season 1:
Seed Survivor
GRADES 3 - 5 | Province-wide

Students learn about what plants need to survive, explore where their food comes from, and the importance of agriculture in their daily lives. Three options available:
-SS Mobile Classroom Trailer
-SS Classroom Presentation
-SS Virtual Presentation & Classroom Kit
Food Farms
GRADES 3 - 4 | Province-wide

Experience the full cycle of farming! Students learn about where their food comes from by actively participating in growing the ingredients for familiar foods. Grade 3 students plant seeds in the spring, then return in the fall to harvest their crops!
Teacher Opportunity
Teacher Agriculture Expedition
AUGUST 15-17, 2023
An action-packed, hands-on tour for educators to learn about agriculture and food in Saskatchewan. You'll connect with farmers and agriculture personnel, and come away with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to incorporate agriculture education into your classroom teachings.
Student Opportunities
DFC Scholarships
GRADES 10 - 12
Apply by May 1, 2023

A scholarship not about grades or transcripts, but about discovering what sustainability means to students and their future through 3 creative submission options.
CABEF Scholarships
Apply by April 30, 2023

For students enrolling or currently in an ag-related program, choose a UN Sustainable Development goal and highlight 3 ways their future career in agriculture and food will contribute to it.
Peak of the Market Ltd. $4,000 Bursary
Apply by May 8, 2023

For students pursuing a post-secondary degree in agriculture or food studies at a Western Canadian university or accredited college.