Saturday, April 6, 2024
Sunday, April 7, 2024
Monday, April 8, 2024
Well I have to say it again, another awesome weekend at Scarborough Fish & Game. It was a little damp on Saturday but the rest of the weekend had great spring weather. We tried our first Monday shooting with good success. We had the most talked about event with the Mini World Sporting event which also qualifies as the hardest event we have ever held at Scarborough.

As always, the Main event and the Mini World targets will be up this Sunday 10am-2pm, next Wednesday 9am-4pm and next Sunday 10am-2pm. Come on back and figure out why you missed those lift birds.

The Main event and Super Sporting were both a little tougher than the winter series but still manageable. Congratulations to Chuck DeVinne for winning the main with a 92 and Kevin Kennedy for winning super sporting with a 93. The Mini World Sporting had the toughest targets ever thrown at Scarborough. We normally don’t get that crazy but this was set to simulate the targets we expect to see next month at M&M. Most targets were in the 45yard range but the lift on station 15 was clocked at 61.5 yards. Congratulations to Chuck DeVinne for winning with a 71. We expect to see Chuck's name at the top next month. All results can be found on

Thanks to Greg and Sharon Berry for the great food, as always. Thanks to Lisa and Bill for registration and scoring. This is where I normally thank all the people that prepare and work the event but this one was a little different. Some of you know how much work it is to put on one of these events, but imagine putting on a three-day event for 160 shooters and drop a foot of snow the day before it starts. Jim Clemons worked almost around the clock to get the place plowed out and on Friday without even being asked, Tom, Wray, Mark, Neal and Alex showed up and did all the shoveling and anything else necessary to get the shoot open on time. During the shoot those same folks, along with Andy, Chuck, Pam, Steve, Mike, Neal, Jacob and Jim worked to fill traps, clean up and make sure everything ran smooth. All of this happened without a name on a schedule or a phone call asking them to work. They did it for love of the club and love of the sport. If anyone asks why Scarborough sporting clays is so successful, it is simply because we have the best sporting committee around.

And thank you to all of you in the shooting community who continue to come out to support our Sporting Clays program! We always try to improve as a way to say thank you for your support!

Well, that's it. Our next shoot is the Easter Extravaganza (yes, we know, Easter is long gone). This will be our first four-day event of the year. An email will go out on Monday, April 15, with more specifics. The shoot is already up on if you want to get a head start on your registration.

See you at the range.
Our final scores will be posted on We post the link to the final scores on our webpage, and email the link out the next day (usually evening) - as always let us know if you notice any errors.

If you are already signed up for an event but can’t shoot (or know that a squad mate isn’t going to show), please email to let us know. We greatly appreciate your help with this.

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