Thank you to all the FIBCA members who made the trip to San Diego for our 36th Semi-Annual Conference. 

New FIBCA Members Welcomed
Alpine FIBC Pvt Ltd
Bharat Patel
& Jignyasha Patel
(Joined in 2018 – First Meeting)
Asia Bulk Sacks Pvt Ltd
Aditya Gandhi
& Kunal Rathi
Satyendra Packaging Ltd
Dhaval Soni
Flying in Space

Rex J. Walheim
NASA Astronaut
(Colonel, U.S. Air Force, Ret.)

2019 marked a historic year in the history of NASA, and at the FIBCA conference, members had the rare privilege of hearing firsthand from a veteran NASA astronaut. Rex J. Walheim has flown on three space shuttle missions and lived on the international space station. He has logged more than 36 days in space with over 36 hours of spacewalks.

Astronaut Rex J. Walheim Served on Shuttle Missions:
  • STS-110 in 2002
  • STS-122 in 2008
  • STS-135 IN 2011 (Final Space Shuttle Flight)

Following his presentation on, Rex Walheim signed autographs and took pictures with the attendees for more than 1-1/2 hours.
Managing in an Uncertain Economy

Lauren Saidel-Baker
ITR Economics

ITR Economics provides economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions. Since 1948, ITR Economics has provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy.

ITR's overall forecast accuracy since 1985 is 94.7%. At ITR Economics, the length of time a forecast is in place is just as important as its accuracy. empowering them to plan effectively.
FIBC Recycling      
Howard Wei
Arch Polymers, Inc.

At the heart of Arch Polymers is the core ethic that every kilogram of plastic recycled is a kilogram kept out of landfill sites. 

Arch Polymers kicked off our recycling discussion session with some information on the:
  • China's National Sword policy
  • Challenges when recycling FIBCs
  • Products that used FIBCs can be converted into
Freight & Tariff Impact Update

Michael Goldsmith
Laufer Group International

Update on the transpacific eastbound markets in response to the tariffs and other market indicators ( i.e. India and China )
Resin Supply Update

Jay Todd
Service Thread
Philippe Combier
BAG Corp.

FIBC Import Data
Lewis Anderson
Benefits of FIBCs Video Committee

Justin Murphy, Halsted Corp.
 Mike Owens, FormPak
UV Study Committee
Nancy Cline, BAG Corp.

Updates on FIBC Safe Handling Projects

 Lewis Anderson, FIBCA

Whiteboard Video #3 Status (Handling by Forklift, Crane or Hoist)

Status of French Translation of the Safe Handling Poster.

Spanish Version of the Safe Handling Poster Available for Purchase.
FIBCA Networking Opportunities

In addition to all the great presentations and committee reports, etc. attendees enjoyed numerous opportunities to network with fellow FIBCA members.

·     Two Open Bar Receptions
·     Breakfast Buffet
·     Lunch Buffet
·     Golf Tournament
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