January 2023 Newsletter

Dear FFRW Members and Friends:


Here we are one month into the new year and things are looking great for our beloved Republican Party. We took over the US House of Representatives and are getting to work trying to curb the excesses of the Pelosi era. We are holding hearings on the border crisis, Hunter Biden’s influence peddling and depleting the strategic oil reserve for political gain. We are holding the Progressives “Feet to the Fire” over the debt ceiling and working to shift the 87,000 new IRS Agents to 87,000 new Border Patrol Agents. Common sense is making a comeback in the Swamp.


Rep. Schiff, Omar and Swalwell have been stripped of their committee assignments based on their utter incompetence, and in Omar’s case her vehement anti-Semitism. If only we had won, the Senate and could clean house up there.


Here in Florida things are also looking Rosy. Governor DeSantis is fighting the “Woke CRT” crowd at every turn and making our public schools educational centers not indoctrination camps. President Trump’s Campaign is floating an idea of making High School principals an elected position, thereby giving more control to local parents not national teachers unions. The legislature passed a law doubling the financial threshold for parents to qualify for private tuition vouchers. Proving once again that we are the party of education and empowering parents to seek the best educational opportunities for their kids despite the failing Public School system.


The Governor’s Office is fighting hard against Bail Reform. Last week in Miami, his questioning of the propriety of a proposed new “Computer Matrix” to replace cash bonds was withdrawn before it was even implemented. The legislature and the Governor are revisiting the threshold for a Death Penalty Verdict, after the evil Parkland School murderer was spared the penalty because of 3 lefty hold outs on the jury. They are also looking into Capital punishment for Child Rapists. Common sense is returning to Florida. 


Bidens failing border policy caused the Governor to activate 1,000 national guard troops to assist the Border Patrol and the Highway Patrol to protect the Keys and South Florida from the surge of illegal aliens. Fort Jefferson was closed to the public so it could be used to house and document the huge refugee influx. Our state dollars are being used to protect ourselves from Bidens illegal open border policy. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Federal Government to reimburse us for the costs.


Take heart the Voters are paying attention. Republican voter registration is still climbing, and the State Chair of the democrat party just resigned with a scathing letter about how his party lost Florida.


Ladies we have a lot to look forward to. Join us and let’s make this the Best Year for Florida Republicans yet.      

Thank you and God Bless America,

For Florida, For Our Country,

Maricel Cobitz

President FFRW



The FFRW was front and center at the Governor's Inaugural Ball! Pictures above are from a reception the FFRW held before the inauguration celebration.


We are starting a New Year and it’s time to work on your Caring for America Program or continue working. The following are some ideas to enhance your program. Remember this reflects not only your own Federation but our FFRW when we arrive at the NFRW convention in Oklahoma City in September for awards. Hours to Count.

The NFRW suggests the following:

-Workshops, fundraising, community projects such as

  • Helping at food banks and soup kitchens
  • Supporting the Troops, care packages letter, see Achievement Award.

- Community Projects

  • Teaching English to new American citizens
  • Teaching young mothers mothering skills
  • Participating in counter-drug programs
  • Volunteering at women’s shelters and homeless shelters

Other suggestions:

Scholarships - The applications for these scholarships are like the NFRW scholarship program.

  • The 4- $1,000 Scholarships are given to the recipients of which one is specifically given to the Special Vocational Scholarship for Trades in the amount of $1,000.
  • Money is donated through families or fundraising. - 600 hrs. ID high schools + contacted reps for each. Made numerous phone calls, f-up W/emails to reps. Answered questions. Forwarded Scholarship criteria + applications. Requested sources to locate Home Schooled Students. Received applications, reviewed each for accuracy + completion. Set deadline date; F/up W/applicants for assistance needed to meet that date. Corresponded W/BFRW Board/EC/Officers, often, keeping them informed. Set date for Officers to meet, selected applicants to receive Scholarships. Notified Awardees of Luncheon Mtg date when they would be recognized + receive Scholarship $1000 check. Wrote reports and Press Release.

Veterans Activities

  • Work with the VFW and the American Legion by financial donations to them for their SUDS programs.
  • The SUDS program picks up homeless veterans which are taken to a Laundromat where their clothes are washed and dried and provided a lunch.
  • Support the local veteran’s transitional facility in our County for veterans’ families and children with paper goods and gifts cards at holiday time. 
  • The value of these activities shows those Veterans and Others that the Republicans care about them.


This project over 400 hours.

Please contact me, Jill Gentis, at 773-896-8616. I will be more than happy to take the time to go over this Program with you. The NFRW, FFRW and your Federation actually CARE FOR AMERICA!

Jill Gentis, President

Chair of the FFRW Caring for America

Brevard Federated Republican Women



 25TH U.S. President (Republican)

“Architect of the American Century”

William McKinley was born January 29th, 1843 in Niles, Ohio. He died September 14th, 1901.He served in the Civil War at the age of 18 years in the Ohio Regiment under Rutherford B. Hayes who later became our 19th, President. He was a lawyer who practiced in Canton, Ohio. He soon became attracted to the Republican Party and served as a congressman and was later defeated for re election since he believed in Protective Tariffs that invoked retaliation with other nations. He proceeded to serve two terms as Governor of Ohio and then won the nomination for the US Presidency and became the 25th President.

He believed in the Gold Standard; not bimetallism. His Presidency was challenged when a formal declaration of war by Congress was given to go to war with Spain over Cuba’s independence after the SS Maine’s sinking in the Havana Harbor in 1898. It was termed by some as being “The Little War” that lasted four months. The Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico were annexed as territories to the United States as a result of the Treaty of Paris, signed in December of 1898, and after the defeat of Spanish regiments in the Philippines.

After McKinley abandoned trade “Protectionism” in addition to the favorable outcome of the war, and with an improving economy, he was reelected in 1901 and was quite popular. While President McKinley was giving a speech in September of 1901 at the Pan Am Exposition in Buffalo, New York, he was assassinated by a radical anarchist, Leon Czslogosz, who was executed the following month in October. Theodore Roosevelt, referenced as a “Cowboy”, became the next President.


Food For Thought:

  1. With the annexation of the above-mentioned countries, was this the prelude whereby the United States became the international figure with expanded responsibilities to other nations?
  2. Do you believe in Protectionism particularly within the realm of trade? Did President McKinley jumpstart America as the leader in Global trade?
  3. Who even as of today is the youngest President to have served?
  4. Thoughts about Theodore Roosevelt? Did he or did he not expand the power of the executive branch?

Pam McAloon


Pinellas Federated Republican Women

Let’s get fired up over MEMBERSHIP!!!

It’s all hands-on deck in the effort of spreading the word and inviting fellow Republicans to our meetings. I’ll give you monthly tips on how to recruit and renew each month but I would also like to hear from you with your success stories so I can share. Please email me at vanessahorgan1029@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you so we can learn what works best to increase our membership.

Recruit and Renew

  • Use a bell at your membership table!  Every time you have a new membership or renewal members can ring the bell!!. Take a picture of them ringing the bell for your website and Facebook page. Its great PR.

  • Wear your club t-shirts out when running errands. I can’t stress this enough. It’s amazing how well this works. I’ve done this numerous times and have always been received with positive comments. Make sure you have your club business card on hand. If you don’t have business cards, email me and I can give you a link on where to order. Also, you can put together a list of clubs in your area with their names, location and times of meetings. That way if you meet an individual interested in attending a meeting but does not live close you can give them options of other clubs. Its all about getting people to join!

Have fun with your club and get involved. That’s the best way to learn and meet friends. Even if you have an hour to give, just do it! It will make you feel so good!  

Keep Florida RED!

Vanessa Horgan



Membership Chair

The Book Report

This month's recommended reading is "Presidential Leadership" - Edited by James Taranto of "The Wall Street Journal" and Leonard Leo of "The Federalist Society".

Pam McAloon


Pinellas Federated Republican Women


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