February Wellness Newsletter

Happy February Ezra People!

TEAM EZRA is connecting with you from BC, Canada. Svetlana, a former Registered Nurse/Founder of Ezra Healing & Michael the Apothecary, Co-Founder of Ezra Healing.

You are receiving this monthly newsletter because you have had at one point connected with Ezra Healing along your wellness journey. Many thanks for THAT!

A new year is dawning, and the time is now to create a better version of yourself. A healthier, more vibrant, more resilient, and unbreakable version of you.

In our continued effort to help you achieve your best life possible we are pleased to share some very important wellness information with you this month, and to remind you of our new amazing wellness coaching service.

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Introducing Ezra Wellness Coaching

Are you ready to take charge of your health and wellness and live an extraordinary life? 

Are you tired of not feeling your best, most productive, most abundant self?

Are you confused by the myriad of options and conflicting advice out there and need trusted and reliable wellness information?

Are you suffering from a lack of energy or brain fog? Mysterious medical diagnosis that mainstream medicine cannot seem to remedy?

Team Ezra is overjoyed to present our latest offering, Personalised Wellness Coaching to answer all these questions and more. This service is perfectly timed to make significant positive changes in your life as we usher in 2024!


Update from Costa Rica!

Team Ezra spent much of February in Costa Rica searching for the ideal location to set up our vision of an integrative Wellness retreat. We really fell in love with the Uvita and Dominical region of southern Costa Rica. The energy there is incredibly peaceful and very healing. An amazing combination for our ultimate healing vision.

The combination of the Energies of the Pacific ocean, the tropical rainforest, the field ripened fresh fruit and produce, sunshine, and clean living fresh water creates the ultimate mixture for both mental and physical wellness and health.

We anticipate offering 7 day wellness packages where participants will be able to experience healing treatments such as full body red light therapy, custom IV solutions, massage therapies, body movement classes, and daily interactive physical and mental wellness education across a broad range of topics. Another highlight of the experience will be consuming highly nourishing and very tasty fresh local foods, enabling visitors to feel the difference between real food and industrially produced food. And of course during the week you will have ample time for deep relaxation or more active pursuits, whatever suits your fancy!

Accommodations will feature extremely comfortable king bed suites with private ensuite bathrooms, private or semi-private patios, and communal dining and outdoor spaces.

We simply guarantee that you will depart the week feeling like a new and improved version of yourself, with new found knowledge to apply in your daily life.

As we get closer and closer to making this Wellness Retreat a reality, we will keep you updated.

We would appreciate any one interested in participating in one of these retreats to reach out NOW and let us know. We would really like to understand the interest level from our core supporters.


Ensuring that Canadians are chronically ill is big business - Hosted by Maryann Gebauer

Intensive care nurse Svetlana Rilkoff and her partner Michael Martinz share the dark truth of the Canadian medical system. Ensuring Canadians are chronically ill is big business. They expose billing corruption, big pharma influence, vaccine injuries, incentivized cancer treatments, chronic disease mismanagement, organ harvesting and MAID.


EZRAMECTIN - Ivermectin

Made in Canada

12 mg Tabs

30 Tabs/bottle

$111/bottle + shipping within Canada

E-Transfers preferred

Text Ezra Healing @ (250) 444-3972

Sister Nurse Introductions

February was a month of meeting with like minds in Costa Rica at a Women’s Retreat. 14 woman gathered to connect, heal and manifest our best lives ever. Many Canadian have now migrated south to establish a new life. Ezra Healing is honoured to share the good news of two outstanding former Canadian Registered Nurses who are now offering private wellness experiences.

We are very pleased to introduce:

Kristen Nagle is focussed on the healthy family unit including exiting out of the medical birthing system. Please see the upcoming conference in London Ontario in September 2024 she and her team are hosting.

Kristen Nagle' Website

Reclaiming Birth Conference - Sept 20/21, 2024


Corri Bignell, The Unregistered Nurse, now living in Nicaragua, offers self-sabatoge coaching and a unique way of looking at yourself and the world. Please join her on her upcoming April online course.

Corri Bignell's Website

Break Free From Self Sabotage Courses

Interview with Former Canadian Registered Nurse Svetlana Rilkoff on C19 Health Fascism, AHS, MAID, B.C.'s Infamous Bill 36 (Ep#7) - Hosted by Tom Dienes

How Canadian Allopathic C19 Health Fascism Transformed Her Life into the Creation of Ezra’s Healing Wellness Paradigm Shift



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