January - March 2020
New Jersey - The President of the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (FCAO), Kyriacos Papastylianou, and VP of Philanthropy, Chris Karamanos, at the "Monte Carlo night" fundraising event, held on February 23, 2020, in New Jersey. FCAO Philanthropic will use the proceeds of the event for humanitarian causes.
You are invited to participate in the Cypriot American Community Census conducted by the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (FCAO). The purpose of the Census is to compile and record basic information on first, second, and third-generation Cypriot Americans and their spouses (whether of Cypriot descent or not). The Census will serve as an informational tool and as a means of compiling useful/pertinent data that will benefit future generations of Cypriot Americans and will be used for the implementation of programs and projects striving to advance the Cypriot American community. Registered individuals will be kept informed of valuable programs, cultural events, and projects implemented by the FCAO and aiming to preserve the Greek identity and promote the interests of Cyprus and Hellenism at large. This initiative undertaken by FCAO is supported by the government of the Republic of Cyprus. Participation in the Census is entirely voluntary and will only take a few minutes to complete the application. 

FCAO Philanthropic organizes successful "Casino Night" in New Jersey
New Jersey - On February 23rd, 2020, the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (FCAO) Philanthropic in cooperation with NEPOMAK - USA and the Cypriot Associations of New Jersey, Lampousa, and Salamis organized a successful "Monte Carlo Night" at Graycliff Manor in Moonachie, NJ. The proceeds from the event will be used for humanitarian causes by the FCAO Philanthropic.
The FCAO VP of Philanthropic Chris Karamanos thanked the Cypriot Associations of Lampousa, Salamis, and Nepomak USA for their support and contribution to the successful event and thanked all those who donated and participated. Mr. Karamanos said, "FCAO Philanthropic has plans to organize more philanthropic events in different states this year, and the proceeds will be used to benefit FCAO Philanthropic that helps Greek Cypriots in need."

The attendance at the event exceeded expectations with strong participation from the Cypriot chapters of New Jersey and Nepomak USA. The President of the FCAO Kyriacos Papastylianou and Board Members attended the event. 

For more information on how to donate to FCAO Philanthropic, please contact (516) 399-2295 or e-mail: info@fcaousa.org. 
Pancyprian WIN Honors
Tasoula Hadjitofi at annual Gala
New York – On March 6, 2020, the Pancyprian Women's Initiative Network (WIN) held it's annual at the New York Hilton Club in Midtown Manhattan and honored author and activist, Tasoula Hadjitofi, with the 2020 Woman of the Year Award.

Tasoula Hadjitofi's book "The Icon Hunter," a memoir, was recently translated and published in Cyprus and Greece. In the memoir, she recounts her life and experience as a refugee from Famagusta, and her efforts to recover stolen artifacts from Cyprus, including many icons and religious objects looted after the illegal invasion of Cyprus in 1974 and the subsequent years of occupation of the northern third of the island nation. Hadjitofi is nominated by both Cyprus and Holland for the U.S. State Department International Woman of Courage award. Theana Iordanou, the Pancyprian WIN President, gave the welcoming remarks at the event thanking all those present for their support and especially the members of the Board and the young women who helped organize the event, noting that these young women will be the future leaders of WIN. 
The President of the Federation of Cypriot-American Organizations (FCAO), Kyriacos Papastylianou offered his congratulations, on behalf of all the members of the Federation for Hadjitofi's efforts, and quoting the late Melina Mercouri who said that our cultural heritage is our fortune, and if we lose it, we are no one.

The President of the Pancyprian Association Philip Christopher congratulated WIN and its President Theana Iordanou for their selection of Tasoula Hadjitofi as this year's honoree. Philip Christopher pointed out that for 45 years, Pancyprian has been fighting for freedom and justice for Cyprus. He noted that Pancyprian began with its Athletic division and now has six divisions, including the Dance Division, Women's Division, the Choir, and Theatrical Division, and thanked the division presidents for their efforts. 
Tasoula Hadjitofi during her speech she noted how she has struggled throughout her life to find a sense of belonging since she was forced to leave her home in Famagusta. "So I wrote this book and dedicated it to the 65 million refugees, I'm just a normal woman, a wife, a mother, a businesswoman, I did not choose to fight the art traffickers, they fought me, but I decide I'm going to beat them at their game. I wanted to say thank you to all of you for being here tonight. Thank you to the Pancyprian WIN for honoring me, thank you to the dignitaries, the representatives of Greece, Cyprus, and the Netherlands for being here, and of course, the women, and all the WIN committee who worked so hard to honor me tonight. Thank you all so much."

A portion of the proceeds of the WIN Gala will go to Walk of Truth, a charitable organization founded by Tasoula Hadjitofi in Holland that protects the global cultural heritage. 
New York - On February 21st, 2020, representation of the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations and its Youth Division NEPOMAK-USA, attended a networking lunch hosted by the Consul General of Cyprus in New York with members of the Armenian Knights of Vartar. The initiative aimed to encourage cooperation between the Cypriot and Armenian diaspora.
New Jersey - On February 20th, 2020, the Cyprus Association of New Jersey held its 2nd annual Tsiknopempti event.
Vermont - Nepomak USA, the youth division of FCAO, organized a weekend of skiing/snowboarding, souvla, tavli, dancing, food & drink, and good parea. The annual ski trip was held during February 14-17, 2020, at Mount Snow in Vermont.
Greek Cypriots of NJ organize
successful "Cyprus Night"
New Jersey - On February 7th, 2020, the Greek Cypriots of NJ held their inaugural event with a presentation of the popular musical comedy "Τι να φταίει τι να φταίει" written and directed by Phytos Stratis. It was an enjoyable and highly entertaining performance that not only lifted all the guests who were clapping and singing along with the performers' classic songs that awoke to many beautiful memories.

The event of the new Chapter was well attended by many Greek Cypriots residing in New Jersey as well as New York including the Consul General of Cyprus in New York Alexis Phedonos – Vadet, and his wife Melina, the President of the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations, Kyriacos Papastylianou, FCAO Vice Presidents, Martinos Kyprianou, and Chris Karamanos and Board member Tasos Zambas. Presidents of NJ organizations, Stavros Kamilaris & Stathis Zambas. CFA past presidents Andy Comodromos and Savas Tsivicos. Attending also was Cyprus Trade Commissioner, Aristos Constantine. Attending were many members of the Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce Maria Pappas, President, and Board Chairman Nicolas Nicolaou. Dr. Zenon Christodoulou, Chairman of the NJ Heritage Commission, was also in attendance. 
The President of the Greek Cypriots of NJ, Despina Axiotakis, welcomed the dignitaries and guests and thanked the members of the organizing committee for the hard work and dedication to the Chapter. Mrs. Axiotakis said the establishment of the new Chapter began in 2018, intending to promote and preserve the customs and traditions of Cyprus. 

The President of the FCAO Kyriacos Papastylianou, during his remarks he congratulated the President of Greek Cypriots of NJ Despina Axiotakis and the Board of Directors for the organizing of their first event, and their efforts to preserve and promote the Greek Cypriot culture. 
Association of Asgata "Cyprus"
annual Vasilopitta party
New York - On January 12, 2020, Cypriot-Americans of all ages with roots from the village of Asgata gathered once again for the traditional annual cutting of New Year's Cake (Κοπή της Βασιλόπιτας) organized by the Association of Asgata Cyprus at Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Merrick. During the event, Santa Claus visited the children with gifts, and the guests had an enjoyable afternoon with delicious food and drinks.
Washington - On January 8th, 2020, the President of FCAO, Kyriacos Papastylianou, visited Washington DC to represent the Federation at various events held in honor of the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during his official visit to the USA.
May 2, 2020 (Saturday)  - Lampousa "Taste of Cyprus" event at St. John the Theologian Church in Tenafly New Jersey.
May 30, 2020 (Saturday) FCAO annual National Convention. For more information please call (516) 399-2295 or e-mail: info@fcaousa.org - PENDING
June 6, 2020 (Saturday) 4:00 p.m. - Pancyprian Association Aphrodite of Staten Island 4th Annual "Taste of Cyprus" BBQ at the Holy Trinity St. Nicholas Church Grounds, 1641 Richmond Avenue, SI, NY, 10314 $35 per person. For tickets, please contact Penny at penny526@msn.com.
June 9 – 11, 2020 PSEKA Conference in Washington DC at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
June 21, 2020 (Sunday) at 7:00 p.m. Celebrate Father’s Day with “Echoes of Byzantium," proudly presented by Kyrenia Opera at Merkin Concert Hall.
July 28-31, 2020 – POMAK Conference in Cyprus.

September 24, 2020 (Thursday) SAVE THE DATE - FCAO Annual Testimonial Dinner.

November 4, 2020 (Wednesday) - Cyprus-US Chamber Annual Gala. For more information, please call Despina Axiotakis 201-981-5764.

November 14, 2020 (Saturday) - Lampousa, Salamis & NEPOMAK Dinner Dance/Horos tou Lemoniou" at The ELAN Catering, 111 Route US 46 West, Lodi, NJ 07644.

About Nepomak USA

NEPOMAK USA is the official youth organization of the Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (FCAO). Nepomak USA strives to bring together young Cypriots who live in the US and strengthen the ties to our Cypriot heritage through cultural, educational, professional, and social events.

For more information on how to get involved, please e-mail info@nepomak.org or visit  https://nepomak.org/us/.

Nepomak NDCP program

NDCP, short for “NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Program” is a unique three-week experience that gives participants a crash course in Cypriot culture and heritage. Participants take Greek language classes, visit historical sites, and sample the very best Cypriot nightlife.

The cost of accommodation, excursions, course fees and partial flight fares are covered by NEPOMAK with support from the Government of Cyprus and the Youth Board of Cyprus.

Program dates

June 29, 2020 – July 21, 2020
Application deadline: February 16, 2020

Nepomak NCCT program

NCCT, short for “NEPOMAK Cyprus Culture Tour,” gives young Cypriots an unforgettable experience in Cyprus where they can learn about their heritage and culture, and explore Cyprus through professionally guided tours and authentic interactive experiences.

It is a gateway for participants to get more involved in NEPOMAK and receive training to become future leaders in the diaspora.

All accommodation, transport and tour costs are subsidized by NEPOMAK with the support of the Government of Cyprus and Youth Board of Cyprus.

Program dates

July 22 – August 2, 2020
Application deadline: January 19, 2020

Cyprus the ideal destination
for the special interest traveler
At the crossroads of ancient civilizations, Cyprus is famous for its archaeological sites and storied history. But there’s even more to Cyprus than cultural treasures: its natural landscapes and sunny climate with 340 days of sunshine provide an ideal setting for nature trails, adventure sports, golf, cycling, bird-watching and more. Set in the azure waters of the eastern Mediterranean, the island of Aphrodite is ready to welcome you no matter why you choose to travel here – outdoors activities but also memorable weddings and unforgettable honeymoons, conferences, or conventions in state-of-the-art facilities and more.

Cyprus is an endless source of fascination for archaeology enthusiasts. The island is studded with ancient Greek and Roman ruins, as well as sites that date back to the Neolithic Age. The Bronze Age, Roman period, and Byzantine periods are particularly well-represented. One of the island’s most important archaeological sites is the Greco-Roman theater of Kourion, on a hilltop setting west of Lemesos. It was founded by Achaean colonists from Argos in the Greek Peloponnese in the 12th- and 13th-centuries B.C. and would become one of the most important of the ancient city kingdoms of Cyprus. In the scenic west of Cyprus, Pafos carries the designation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the strength of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Kouklia (Palaipafos) and Nea Pafos. An important area in terms of both Aphrodite worship in ancient times and the spread of early Christianity, Pafos is also home to remarkably well-preserved Roman mosaics, which can be viewed at the House of Dionysos, the Villa of Theseus and Basilica of Chrysopolitissa.

When it comes to ecclesiastical history and architecture, Cyprus is unprecedented in the Mediterranean, with notably a rich profusion of churches and basilicas from the Early Christian and the Byzantine periods. The Apostles Paul and Barnabas introduced Christianity to Cyprus in the first century A.D. St. Paul’s Pillar, in Pafos, is where (according to tradition) St. Paul was bound and lashed by the Roman governor of Pafos. In Larnaka, Agios Lazaros Church is built over the tomb of St. Lazarus. In 1197 the Lusignan dynasty, which was Catholic, seized control of Cyprus and repressed the Orthodox Church. Many monks and clergy withdrew to the Troodos Mountains, wherein churches and monasteries created religious frescoes and icons that are today unique in the world; indeed, ten Byzantine churches in the Troodos Mountains received UNESCO World Heritage recognition.

Weddings and Honeymoons
With destination weddings continuing to grow in popularity, Cyprus has become one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean to say, “I do.” Visitors can choose from a wide variety of locales to exchange their vows – from a romantic seaside ceremony at sunset to a chapel in one of the country’s resort hotels, or a church. Cyprus is also one of the most
romantic destinations for honeymoons – and with 340 days of sunshine each year, perfect weather is practically guaranteed. Here you can travel to the countryside and discover the unique historical, cultural, and natural attractions or do nothing more than luxuriating at one of the island’s luxury seaside resorts.

Wellness and Pampering
In recent years, Cyprus has also emerged as one of the leading spa destinations of the Mediterranean, due to the advent of world-class spa facilities at many resorts. Many of the best hotels and resorts in the Mediterranean are found in Cyprus. Here, pampering has been raised to the level of an art form. Whether taken as part of a hotel package or à la carte, spa services in such luxurious surroundings can add a romantic dimension to an unforgettable honeymoon or wedding in Cyprus.

Conferences and Incentives
At the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus is a natural place to meet, greet, and plan conferences and incentive programs. More than 30,000 delegates are welcomed annually in Cyprus from hundreds of international companies. Meeting planners need to spend only a day in Cyprus to realize what a perfect place it is for a conference or incentive trip. It is the high standards of service and modern, quality facilities that lead many international companies to select hotels and resorts in Cyprus for their international conference. Conference and incentive planners will find state-of-art conference facilities in almost all five and four-star hotels. In many properties, a variety of meeting configurations can be met, from conferences and seminars to board meetings and training sessions. Comfortably appointed rooms typically feature state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, multilingual translations facilities, and the highest standards of secretarial and administrative support. Venues for small meetings, gala dinners, themed nights, or opening ceremonies can also be utilized, from purpose-built halls to more unusual cultural settings such as medieval castles and ancient amphitheaters. There are hundreds of conference rooms on the island and provide the capacity to seat thousands of delegates at business events.

Sports and Adventure
With its variety of terrain and excellent climate, Cyprus is a dream location for adventure sports including, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and water sports. A haven for cyclists, you can explore everywhere from the pine-scented earth tracks in the heart of the Troodos to the rocky grounds of the unspoiled Akamas Peninsula. The clear waters of the
Mediterranean also makes Cyprus the ideal place for water sports, including sailing, windsurfing, kite boarding, snorkeling, swimming, and scuba diving. Hikers will find that the island’s best trails are in the mountain regions, primarily in the Troodos Mountains and the Akamas Peninsula, where the most enjoyable island hikes lead through nature reserves.

Cyprus, with its sunny climate all year round, is a paradise for golfers. The island now boasts several professional golf courses with beautiful scenery, and it is fast becoming a favorite with golfers. With an excellent Mediterranean climate, Cyprus makes a perfect destination for a golfing break. The island has plenty to offer golfers who want to relax and explore as well as play golf. A few of the most noteworthy golf courses is the Aphrodite Hills Golf Club, the Elea Golf Course and the Tsada Golf Club in Pafos.

The island’s history is rich and multilayered, but its size is relatively compact, making it easy to explore. Cyprus is the ideal destination for the special interest traveler!

For more information please  Visit Cyprus


  • Cyprus gets its name from the ancient Latin word for copper, Cuprum, because of the vast amounts of copper on the island.

  • Throughout its history, Cyprus has been under the rule of many conquerors: The Mycenaean’s, Archean’s, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Alexander the Great, Ptolemies, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and the British. The main cultural vertebra has been the Hellenistic influence.

  • Greek mythology tells that the goddess of fertility and love, Aphrodite, was born in Cyprus when she rose from the sea foam off the coast of Pafos at Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the Greek). It is often said that swimming around this rock three times at midnight; you are guaranteed eternal youth.

  • In 46 AD, St Paul, accompanied by St. Barnabas and St. Mark, visited the Roman province of Cyprus on their first missionary journey outside Holy Land and converted the Roman proconsul Sergius Paulus to Christianity, thus making Cyprus the first Roman province to be Christianized.

  • King Richard the Lionhearted married Queen Berengaria of Cyprus in the early 12th century, effectively rendering her Queen of England.

  • During the Reign of Guy De Lusignan (1192-1489), the Knights of St. John came to reside in Cyprus. Their headquarters were at Kolossi Castle and the surrounding area, where these knights were involved in the production of wine. This wine became referred to as Commandaria and was named after the Grand Commanderie de St. Jean de Jerusalem. Commandaria is referred to in the work of the poet Hesiod, who deemed it “The Ancient Nama (drink) only produced in Cyprus. Commandaria is considered one of the oldest named wines in the world.

  • Leonardo Da Vinci is said to have visited Lefkara village, in 1481, where he was impressed by the intricate handcrafted lace made by the local women and took Lefkara lace back to Italy with him, which today decorates Duomo Cathedral in Milan.

  • The Old City of Nicosia (Lefkosia) is surrounded by the Venetian Walls, which were built in the 16th century to fortify the city against intruders. The walls still stand intact today.

  • In 2005, a 4,000-year-old factory was discovered in Cyprus, from which scientists were able to reconstitute 12 perfumes from traces of scents found in clay bottles at the site. According to the Roman historian Pliny, Cyprus is the earliest source of some of the ancient world’s most famous perfumes.

  • The area of Cyprus is 3,572 square miles, which is about the size of the state of Connecticut.

Pafos Cyprus World Heritage Journeys

The Federation of Cypriot American Organizations (FCAO) is a non-profit entity representing 28 Greek Cypriot American associations located throughout the United States. Its mission is to, develop good relations and solidarity amongst its chapters, to promote their goals, and represent their interests and the coordination of their social, educational, philanthropic, and cultural activities. The FCAO undertakes and promotes charitable activities primarily within the Cypriot and Greek-American communities; preserving and promoting the Greek language, as well as, the Greek and Cypriot history and cultural heritage in the United States. It also supports the leadership of the Greek Orthodox Church in the establishment and preservation of the Greek American identity and the Greek Orthodox faith in the United States.

Executive Committee

Kyriacos Papastylianou

Nicos Paphitis
Executive Vice President
Despina Axiotakis
Vice President of Culture

Christos Karamanos
Vice President of Philanthropy
Martinos Kyprianou
Vice President of Public Relations

Margarita Eracleous - Likas
Vice President of Education and Religion
Elisavet Miltiadou
General Secretary
Loukas Georgiou

Board Members
Maria Botsios
Peter Louca
Chris Odysseos
George Sophocleous
Argyris Eleftheriou
Nicos Tziazas
Tasos Zambas

333 Glen Head Rd, Suite 250
Glen Head, New York 11545
Tel: (516) 399-2295, Fax: (516) 723-9177
E-mail: info@fcaousa.org
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